The most effective modern and natural methods can make your face younger

Hi! Today, we will address a very important issue as to remain still so beautiful and have a younger, toned face? With age women tend to look better, and modern cosmetology and traditional methods and tools provide a large and effective opportunities, how to make a person younger. Let's look at how to approach this problem with the best solution.

To seem younger and be younger – what's the difference

Youth is a state of mind, as they say often people. But in the body with age there are inevitable changes that make a not the most pleasant changes to the external appearance. And that our appearance often gives age. To hide it, you can use a variety of techniques. Some of them are really effective and others totally absurd.

In the quest to look younger ladies try to keep your image and style over time, youth that looks ridiculous and just awful. To look younger, women resorted to bright makeup, flashy clothes, eccentric conduct. Injection into the skinAll this contributes to the appearance of the so-called "pretended to be young" adult female. And it's never-to-face.

Another approach to how to make the face younger is a modern and popular ways to slow the aging process. To modern are all the wonders and achievements of plastic surgery and cosmetology: face lift, botulinum toxin, ... bagging will hormonal and other means. Such methods can be useful, but in very small quantities.

And the vast majority of women crossed that line. The result is a smooth skin without wrinkles by means of botulinum toxin in 50 years looks like a stretched limitee face. On the one hand, the object is achieved by the appearance acquires the features of "youth", but on the other, the female form becomes alien and unnatural that really aged her in the eyes of others is much stronger than the complete absence of these procedures.

How to stay always young really

To slow down the aging process of the body can only from the inside. For this you need to pay attention to lifestyle and health: these 2 parameters are fundamental for the maintenance of youth and beauty in women.

A big role in the deterioration of skin with age is removed to reduce hormonal function, as well as gynecological diseases. Estrogen is on guard of beauty and health of women, protecting its skin and body from pathological changes. Support normal hormonal levels is very important for women. That is why after menopause women is necessary to carefully follow the diet and skin care.

Another important aspect is getting enough sleep and calmness as such. Lack of sleep, workload and stress greatly wear out the body, increase the rate of aging.

It is proved that women with shift work have a higher risk of various diseases and aging outwardly at times faster than their peers with normal regime of work and rest. Normalization of their working schedules is another step to beauty and youth. The health of the body directly affects this indicator.

Serious somatic diseases and their treatment negatively affect the appearance, therefore, should be dealt with timely diagnosis and treatment of disabilities to save yourself as best as possible. Beauty and youth is, above all, health!

The only stumbling block against which little can be done, is genetic. All people are originally different capabilities, so some manage not to age for a very long time and look young for my age. And the rest need to carefully monitor themselves to be young and fit, despite the numbers in the passport.

Methods facelift

Ageing is associated with inevitable loss of tone of the skin and muscles, wrinkles, dryness and sagging skin. This can be changed with facelifts. All the ways to "tighten" the skin divided into surgical and non-surgical.

Non-surgical methods

These options are based on the hydration and the establishment of a strong collagen frame, which will slow down age-related loss of elasticity. Ultrasonic liftingThis includes such techniques:

  1. Criolifting: the exposure of the skin to very low temperatures, balances tone and enhances collagen production. Development effect you need at least 5-6 treatments.
  2. Photothermolysis: under the action of a laser occurs the destruction of the "wrong" collagen and stimulation of new synthesis in the skin run synthetic processes. Already 3 treatments show visible results.
  3. Ultrasonic facelift: ultrasound affects all layers of the skin and the muscles. Stable effect develops in 3-5 year from the date of use.

Injection techniques: the introduction of various materials into the skin layers allows to prolong youth without a more radical surgical methods, although the method is close to them in fact. Injected substances such as

  • 3D filament made of biodegradable material and to form a new contour of the face, hyaluronate (slowing of aging, increased collagen synthesis);
  • biorevitalization low molecular weight hyaluronate (hydration and rejuvenation of the skin);
  • bioreinforcement (hyaluronate with a dense gel creates a "rebar" for the skin, forming a natural youthful look);
  • PRP (blood plasma with platelets injected into the skin, accelerates regeneration, reduces wrinkles);
  • mesotherapy in the skin layers introduce a variety of cocktails of biologically active substances depending on the purpose of the procedure, it is possible to do at a young age to prevent change;
  • fillers: these substances produce a volumetric modeling, creating the contour of certain areas, fillers are biologically inert and are introduced on a large skin depth, and the result can be similar to plastic surgery.


Surgical techniques braces also are very different:

  1. Around or iridectomy: the incision is in the temple and along the ear, you can make an additional incision under the lower jaw.
  2. Spacelifter: technique cut close to iridectomy, but used in parallel muscle elements for lengthening effect.
  3. Endoscopic lift: the movement of tissue through small incisions along the lines of hair growth, the skin moves with the muscles.

Such techniques are not without drawbacks and possible complications. Negative sides are such moments:

  • an allergic reaction to the input components;
  • infection infections through the punctures and incisions;
  • scarring and inflammation after incision;
  • stretching and thinning of the tissue;
  • the need for a long time to recover after surgery;
  • deformation of the facial muscles with sloppy technique, the risk of nerve damage;
  • surgical methods require General anesthesia, which can result in death;
  • inattention to the contraindications to the operation;

As can be seen, the artificial methods of rejuvenation are a lot of dangers and can become really a tragedy for women. A large number of cosmetic clinics do not give confidence in the success of these treatments, and the treatment of complications they are rarely possible because of lack of necessary specialists and equipment (e.g., resuscitation in case of complications of anesthesia).

Natural methods of rejuvenation

To make the skin younger, you can use more simple and safe methods of natural facial rejuvenation. For this is good external effects: mask, massage, facial gymnastics, proper nutrition and sports. Let's first look at the last paragraphs.


Proper nutrition for youth faces

To look young and beautiful, you should lead a healthy lifestyle: sleep at least 8 hours a night and have no bad habits. Physical activity should become your first assistant: useful outdoors for 20-30 minutes a day, and the total number of aerobic exercise a week should be no less than 150 minutes in an intensive mode. This will increase the blood oxygen saturation and improve the nutrition of the skin.

Proper nutrition is the second cornerstone in the issues youth face. The diet should be balanced in protein, fat and carbohydrate (60% carbohydrate, 15% fat, 25% protein) and full. For face beauty should be consumed vegetable oil with a high content of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids: olive, Flaxseed, pumpkin.

Great popularity and success the Mediterranean diet: rich in marine products, fiber, cereals, fruits and vegetables. This power reduces the damage of free radicals and protects cells from aging. Nutrition is of paramount importance for the preservation of youth in General and individuals in particular!

No less important is the drinking regime: for a beautiful and toned skin need to moisturize not only outside but inside. This day should drink at least one and a half liters of fluid, most of which should be water.

Particular care

External influences on the skin is of great importance to maintain its beauty. Makeup should be appropriate to the age and needs. You need to determine your skin type and choose suitable means.

To reduce damage to the skin, you should use a day cream with added sun filter: photoaging is one of the most discussed topics. It is not necessary to increase the amount of damage funds: to optimally use no more than two layers to the skin: nourishing cream and Foundation. The powder should be applied on problem areas, but to reduce oily skin you should reduce the quantity.

Moisturizing the skin from the outside during the day will help the micellar water for the face: simply apply to the skin 2-3 times a day a small amount of fluid with a cotton disk. It will increase skin hydration and reduce the need for protective equipment.

Additional methods

Extension of youth and beauty contribute to treatments: mask, massage, gymnastics.


Nourishing and moisturizing mask should be the first item under health treatments. This does not necessarily go to the salon – many masks you can make at home.

One of the latest innovations are algae mask. They contain components of sea algae and help to tighten and refresh the skin: dry mixture should be diluted with water on the face to moisturize and cover the face with a thick layer of pasty solution, allow to dry for 40 minutes and rinse, then apply moisturizer.

Not lost its relevance mask from clay: well they remove toxins and reduce wrinkles. At home you can use the products at hand: useful for skin mask of sour cream, strawberries, and cucumbers. The product is ground to a homogeneous mass and placed on clean skin for 15-20 minutes.

Development effect of organic components need regular use. Herbal mask help to prolong the freshness of the skin and have minimal allergic effect on the body.

Massage lines


Facial massage improves the tone and restores the microcirculation even in the deeper layers of the dermis. The massage is done according to the rules: before the procedure to clean the face and lubricate the nourishing cream or massage oil, you should begin to massage in the evening for a couple of hours before bedtime, but the daytime it is better to refrain from massage and the subsequent application of decorative cosmetics.

Classic massage is performed in the following way: in a relaxed position as you begin to stroke the skin in the direction of massage lines, gradually increasing the pressure. We must act gently, especially in the area around the eyes. Massage lines have direction:

  • from the chin to the ears;
  • from corners of mouth to ears;
  • from the nose to the temples;
  • from the cheeks and cheekbones in a circle to the temples;
  • from the nose up to the forehead and to the sides, forming the letter T;
  • from the outer corner to the inner eye on the lower side;
  • from the inner edge of the eye to the outside on the upper eyelid;
  • from the nose to the sides to the scalp.

Each movement should be repeated 6-10 times, and the duration of one session is 10 minutes. It is possible to massage every day courses for 10-15 procedures per month. If women are menstruating, then the procedure can be performed after, as during menstruation decreases skin tone and can develop swelling.


Exercises increases metabolism, and prolongs youthfulness of the face and body. Exercises are best done in the evening, and then apply a hydrating mask. Frequency of meetings: 2-3 times a week.

Attention! Gymnastics tightens the muscles, it gives you the opportunity to fight saggy face, but from wrinkles it is better to use massage. It is therefore important to understand their individual pattern of the person and to understand which muscles are hypertonic, and their need to relax with a massage, and what hypotonia – there will be appropriate exercises.

Gymnastics and massage are the most effective and efficient natural methods that I know of, but you need to be careful as you can hurt yourself and make the problem worse if you use them incorrectly. It is necessary to understand a little bit in the muscles in the face, to understand why specifically you have on the face wrinkles formed and why sagged skin. For best results, it is very important to understand, it is best to find a good specialist in this field and try to pass him a massage course and resulting, if you are in the city so no or you can not find it, look on the Internet and study at home, it is no less effective, for example, now there are a variety of courses, both free and paid video lessons experts such as Carol Maggio, Emma hardy, Santa Maria Runge, Camille Volaire, etc.

I will say this, I have tried everything and more, they are very similar, and some even copy each other. I suggest the expert, which really looks good for 47 years, and the technique she includes exercises and massage, and lymphatic drainage for the face that sets it apart from the rest. First, you take the person in accordance with their expectations, it will take up to 2 months, then just support the effect of exercise 2 times a week. The costs are small, and the result is, so to speak.


Gymnastics and massage should not be done at:

  • open wounds on the face;
  • pustular rashes, inflammation, fungal infection;
  • after peeling, laser resurfacing, injection for 1-2 weeks;
  • after plastic operations;
  • in dermatological disorders (psoriasis, acne, dermatitis).

Massage and gymnastics can be done to persons of either sex, such methods can make the face younger and the man and the woman. Treatments have no age restrictions.


In order to look fresh and young, you need to correctly use makeup. There are common misconceptions on how to do your makeup to look younger. It is not necessary to do the following:

  • use several layers of cosmetics to create the tone (moisturizer, base, Foundation, concealer, powder): a large number of cosmetics leads to early aging of the skin;
  • the abundance of flashy and extravagant colors, accent and lips, and eyes;
  • shimmering lip gloss and sparkly eye liner – acceptance of young girls, with age looks inharmonious;
  • failure to clean the skin before applying makeup and moisturizer;
  • broad arrow and broad eyebrows: despite the fashion of add age to a woman;
  • ink unusual colors, especially in combination with bright shades.

In the evening the images allowed the use of bright colors to create a more expressive image. It should be remembered that the way to highlight either eyes or lips, not to look for his age and vulgar. With makeup you can give yourself fresh, if:

  • moisturize and cleanse your skin before makeup;
  • apply eye shadow in pastel shades to create a natural image;
  • to reduce the amount of makeup on the eyes: lamination eyelashes, tattoo;
  • to remove fatigue is to apply a little white eyeshadow in the corner of the eye;
  • to apply Foundation under the eye is very neat Pat, the outside line can be applied to the lighter tone;
  • under the eyebrows apply the shadow a little lighter to open view;
  • for fixing of the image to apply the powder on the nose, cheeks, chin, lower part of forehead, this will reduce the burden on the skin;
  • during the day use the matte wipes or micellar water to restore the color.

To make the face younger must be approached comprehensively: to stay healthy, lead an active lifestyle, eat right and take care of the skin of the face. Cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery give a good effect, but can greatly harm due to the presence of a large number of complications even today.

Aggressive application of these techniques even if the result may contribute to the age discrepancy and the negative impression in an attempt to "rejuvenate". A significant role in the preservation of youth and beauty play a vitamins and minerals. Homemade treatments, massages and exercises help to prevent aging of skin and maintain its tone and health. Some tricks in makeup will also help to improve your face and hide the signs of aging.