Laser facial rejuvenation

In the field of modern cosmetology, in order to completely eliminate numerous skin problems, laser beams are used. Laser facial rejuvenation is a procedure by which you can significantly increase the overall elasticity of the skin, make it smooth, and you can completely eliminate deep and numerous fine wrinkles. In addition, it is an ideal opportunity to effectively tighten the oval of the face. After carrying out such a procedure, you can look younger for several years.

Laser rejuvenation - what is it?

the essence of the procedure for laser skin rejuvenation

Properly performed laser rejuvenation, in essence, is a special non-surgical and complete restoration of skin youth. A positive result can be achieved in the shortest possible time.

This procedure is carried out using laser beams of different directions and power. A full course usually consists of 5 sessions, between which you need to take a break of about a month.

The effectiveness of this technique is very high. As a rule, a positive result is seen after the first time.

This procedure has a special cumulative effect. After the first time, the natural processes associated with the production of elastin and collagen, which are known to provide elasticity and smoothness of the skin, are maximized in all layers of the skin.

With each subsequent session, the skin becomes younger, and the maximum effect reaches about six months after the course.

The method has an advantage, because it acts on the skin as gently as possible, rejuvenation can be carried out in the most natural way. In the process of choosing a frequency, a special rule should be adopted. The greater the gap between the procedures, the longer the obtained effect lasts. If desired, you can take a more accelerated course, that is, carry out 5 procedures every 5 days. The effectiveness of the course will be about the same, but the result will not last so long, about a couple of years.

Speaking of the numerous positive effects that laser rejuvenation gives, we can note such important advantages:

  • serious reduction of deep wrinkles and complete elimination of fine expression lines;
  • can completely remove old scars;
  • the pores are narrowed, and the unevenness of the skin is noticeably reduced;
  • the overall complexion is leveled, pigmentation disappears;
  • the top layers of the skin are completely renewed, the stale and rough skin removed;
  • dark circles and bags around the eyes can be eliminated;
  • the structure of the skin is strengthened, saturated with strength, as well as rejuvenating energy;
  • significantly improves blood circulation, normalizes metabolic manipulations;
  • effectively prevents inflammation and acne.

All this is not a complete list of the many positive qualities that the laser rejuvenation procedure gives. The method allows you to quickly get rid of numerous imperfections on the skin, and in a short time and without any risk.

The most important thing is to choose the right experienced cosmetologist and it is imperative to conduct the course in strictly specialized cosmetology centers.

Features of laser rejuvenation

how is laser facial skin rejuvenation performed

Before the procedure, the skin is cleansed. For this purpose, an exfoliating scrub and special formulations are used. This is important, since the laser should only be used on clean skin.

In direct dependence on the desired result, both the entire face and its individual areas can be processed. The best option would be to carry out a rejuvenating procedure on the skin of the neck and décolleté.

During the procedure, the laser beam penetrates to a considerable depth of the skin, significantly heating it, as well as numerous inner layers. All this causes an active contraction of numerous collagen fibers, and this, in turn, triggers the automatic appearance of new fibers that rejuvenate the skin. During the procedure, impulses are applied to the skin with a time duration of up to 0. 5 ms. It is perfectly safe for a woman's overall health.

As a result of such an effect on the surface of the skin, foci of complete restoration of parts of the face are formed, in which an active process of production of natural elastin is launched.

The main advantage of laser rejuvenation is that the outer layer of the epidermis remains completely intact. The restoration process is completely invisible at the visual level, that is, there are completely no boundaries between the areas of the renewed skin. No swelling or bumps.

At the end of each procedure, a special softening solution is applied to the face. There are no contraindications to taking the course. For several hours after it, decorative cosmetics are not applied to the face, and it is also not recommended to stay in the sun for a long time and refrain from visiting the solarium. Professionals advise protecting your face from strong winds and close contact with chlorinated and salt water.

Pros and cons of laser skin rejuvenation

pros and cons of laser facial skin rejuvenation

Due to the fact that laser rejuvenation and exposure to such rays is considered the most effective method of toning the skin, its popularity is increasing every day.

Many modern women prefer it for the following reasons:

  1. Provides a long lasting effect that reaches 7 years.
  2. Completely safe, as it is not a surgical operation and does not carry any risk of infection and possible inflammation.
  3. There is no recovery period as no cuts or scars remain.
  4. Complete absence of side effects and contraindications.
  5. Can be easily combined with other cosmetic procedures.
  6. The session takes a minimum amount of time.

Despite the large number of different advantages, there are some important points that prohibit the use of laser rejuvenation. Such an event is not recommended for children, as well as for pregnant women, people with skin diseases, with hypersensitivity.

Also, the cost can become a certain obstacle to the procedure. Many may not be able to afford it. At the same time, it is worth knowing that the price of laser rejuvenation is fully consistent with all the effects that it can provide. In any case, the total cost will be lower than the general plastic surgery.


After complete regeneration of the skin with laser beams, it will need to be supported. This will help to postpone the repeated course for the longest possible period. First of all, you need to properly care for your face, paying close attention to the area around the eyes. Apply one cream over the entire face, another on the eyelids.

skin care after laser rejuvenation

In the process of morning and evening washing, you should use only clean water - boiled or from a filter. During the day, you can wash your face with special ozonized water, which is very beneficial for the skin, to securely fix the result.

It is necessary to breathe fresh air as often as possible, to take walks, both in the evening and in the morning. It is equally important to constantly ventilate the area.

If you constantly follow the recommendations of specialists, you can consolidate the positive effect of laser facial rejuvenation for the longest possible time. Compliance with them is not at all difficult, since they do not take much time and do not force you to change your usual way of life.