Laser rejuvenation of the eye area

how to rejuvenate the skin around the eyes

The skin around the eyes most often gives out real age, because the skin in this zone is the thinnest and most sensitive and most often exposed to negative external influences.

Due to the insignificant thickness of subcutaneous fat in the area around the eyes, as well as a small number of sweat and sebaceous glands in this area, the skin without proper care after 25-30 years old, under the influence of negative natural factors, quickly loses moisture and elasticity. Frequent contraction of the facial muscles leads to the appearance of crow's feet, and then deeper wrinkles around the eyes.

Cosmetic products should be used to prevent premature aging and aging of the skin, but they will no longer be able to smooth out deep wrinkles. Better methods need to be applied here.

Methods for rejuvenating the skin around the eyes

Previously, in order to remove wrinkles and look young and attractive, you had to go under the scalpel of a plastic surgeon, falling out of your usual life for a long time during the operation and recovery.

Modern cosmetology offers more gentle procedures to improve the condition of the skin around the eyes, increase its hydration and elasticity. These procedures include "beauty injections", when with the help of injections under the skin, cocktails are injected containing a whole complex of trace elements, vitamins, amino acids and other components that have a beneficial effect on metabolic processes in the skin, increase tone and stimulate cell metabolism.

Those who are afraid of injections can take advantage of the laser biorevitalization procedure, when hyaluronic acid is delivered under the skin using a laser. This allows you to bind and retain a large number of water molecules in the epidermis, which eliminates dry skin, increases its elasticity and firmness, and smoothes wrinkles.

The disadvantage of these procedures is that over time they have to be repeated over and over again when the injected drugs are absorbed in the body.

Laser rejuvenation around the eyes

The most effective and safe, preserving the achieved effect for a long time, are laser procedures, which not only allow avoiding surgical intervention, do not require hospitalization and separation from the usual way of life, but also start natural processes of cell renewal.

rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes before and after photos

The processes of collagen and elastin synthesis, cell regeneration continue for another 2-3 months after the end of the last session of rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes. Then the final result will be achieved, which, with proper care, will last for several years.

Fractional laser rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes allows you to cope not only with crow's feet, but also with deeper wrinkles. Fractional laser rejuvenation around the eyes stimulates the processes of cell regeneration using a laser beam broken into thousands of microbeams. Thus, micro-damage to the epidermis is surrounded by intact areas, which allows the skin to regenerate faster.

The picosecond Picosure laser showed the most impressive results of laser rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes, which was highly appreciated by the world's leading cosmetology luminaries and enthusiastic responses from the stars who tried its effect on themselves. Efficiency, speed, painlessness and absence of a recovery period (after 2 hours the redness goes away) are the main advantages of this laser.

Although it is more expensive to remove wrinkles under the eyes with the Picosure laser (1 procedure) than with other lasers, the listed advantages and the fact that fewer procedures are required for the full course reduce these differences to a minimum.