Essential oils for rejuvenation

essential oils for rejuvenation

The morning is not as joyful as before, because today you found the first wrinkles on your skin? Such a seemingly trifle can easily ruin a woman's mood, but the right decision is not to worry, but to adjust the daily skin care of the face. Let's follow the tips from the field of aromatherapy. So what essential oils will we benefit from and how should we apply them?

In beauty salons, essential oils are used in skin care procedures for cleansing, masks, and facial massage. Youth and beauty with wondrous aromas can be brought closer even at home. You just need to choose the ingredients in beauty salons or pharmacies.

Almost all essential oils (myrrh, pine, mint, nutmeg, avocado, lemon balm, and many others) to some extent promote the growth of new cells, slowing down skin aging, improving cell respiration and nutrition, but some products are more effective than others.

The most powerful and popular essential oils to make your skin beautiful

Carrot seed oil

Everyone knows that carrots are very beneficial for vision and skin health. Take carrot essential oil and add it to any base oil (almond, apricot or grape seed oil) or moisturizer, day / night cream. Enough 5 drops per 100 ml, use the product as usual, such an improved cream will help restore elasticity, as well as restore skin tone, restore its natural balance after sun exposure or a hard day.


The scent of incense can reduce tension and anxiety. This essential oil is great for rejuvenation, smoothes wrinkles, evens out complexion, tightens the skin, eliminates laxity in the upper part of the neck.


The aroma of jasmine gives joy and hope, coils pleasant thoughts. Jasmine essential oil whitens and evens out the complexion. It is great for dry and sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions, reducing irritation.

the Rose

This flower with a wondrous feminine scent gives a woman self-confidence. Skin tightening essential oil, rose essential oil is an excellent antioxidant that normalizes oxygen supply to cells.


This is one of the most expensive oils, but its effect is an order of magnitude higher than that of the previous ones. Neroli oil is great for lifting your soul, which in itself already gives a rejuvenating effect from the inside - "inner glow". With this tool, regeneration processes are activated to restore skin cells, neroli copes well with fine wrinkles.

Separately, we will designate essential oils that narrow the pores, these aromatherapy products can be added to beauty recipes 1-2 drops each: bergamot, juniper, chamomile and Chinese lemongrass.

Recipe for using the essential oils above

Take two drops each of the 3-4 oils above and mix with two teaspoons of jojoba oil and two teaspoons of sweet almond oil. Every evening, apply the mixture to cleansed face skin, after a while (5-7 minutes) remove the excess oil that has not been absorbed with a paper towel.