Devices for facial rejuvenation – an alternative to salon procedures

To maintain the skin supple and to prevent its aging at home possible. Information on the selection of cosmetics and cooking recipes miracle masks, creams abound, and salon treatments will help to replace a device for facial rejuvenation.

A little bit about home hardware cosmetology

The alternative to salon treatments - home hardware cosmetology

Thanks to the development of cosmetology, women can perform procedures for facial rejuvenation at home.

  • Convenient - especially for those who, due to his busy schedule could not devote much time visiting salons. In any free time you can start the procedure.
  • Profitable – to visit the salons and pay for the services not need enough time to spend on the purchase of the device.
  • Effective machines for the rejuvenation of the house is identical in operation equipment in the beauty salon. In addition, their size for convenience reduced. Remains the case for small – buy a special tool.

Variety of devices

There is a huge selection of appliances for home use. They differ in principle effects on the skin:

  • Devices low frequency useful cosmetic procedures to rejuvenate the face by currents of low frequency can be performed independently;
  • Laser – impact point, carried out laser beams;
  • Ultrasonic – pleasant classes of ultrasonic massage is performed from the comfort of home;
  • RF – skin rejuvenation effect is achieved by radiofrequency waves. The method of RF-lifting for about 15 years, but she is very popular among women;
  • Devices therapy with ions and ozone therapy will refresh and saturate the cells with oxygen and nutrients.
To achieve results in the rejuvenation and rehabilitation of the dermis only in compliance with the recommendations and instructions from the manufacturer, when used regularly and combined with a concentrated vitamin cosmetics or specialized funds for such procedures.

Leading companies-manufacturers of vehicles

  1. The company GEZATONE is a wide range of devices for facial rejuvenation, with which creating your own massage room at home is no problem. One of the best and popular options products considered BioSonic 2000. This multi-functional ultrasonic device, which will provide exfoliation, massage, to relieve puffiness and tighten the facial tissues.
  2. "Home electroplating" - one unit combines the procedures of rejuvenation in 4 modes: cleansing, massage, nutrition and lifting. Equipment for additional removal of toxins from skin cells by using positively charged ions.
  3. DEZAC RIO products will help to restore youth withered skin, to tighten and adjust the contours of the face. Additional features – the delicate getting rid of unwanted vegetation on the body.
  4. NEWA for skin defects utilizes radiofrequency waves. Effective smoothing of wrinkles, improving the skin, stimulating the synthesis of collagen fibres guaranteed with the company's products NEWA.

Darsonval for face – the secret device rejuvenation

A separate niche in the hardware rejuvenation is a technique well-known French physiologist Jacques D'arsonval. The basis for the rejuvenation impulsive on AC current. Effective device Darsonval from wrinkles, puffiness and the presence of excess adipose tissue on the face. Acne acne, post acne. Scars – also under the power of the d'arsonval apparatus.

The popularity of the methodology is progressing every day. The narrowing of the pores, normalization of metabolism, increase of a tone of vessels and dermis, smoothing of the relief of the face and elimination of inflammatory; acne defects can be observed already after the first course of treatment.

Darsonvalizations course includes 10 sessions, duration of each session to 15 minutes. A year is to perform 3-4 courses.

Recommendations for home darsonvalizations

  1. Before a session remove metal jewelry.
  2. Only use special lotions and means that does not contain alcohol. This will prevent injury during the procedure.
  3. The electrode is treated with alcohol and inserted into the apparatus.
  4. Moisten the skin with lotion, for oily skin type in addition uses a powder.
  5. To avoid sparks, hold the electrode at the base of your finger and eliminate you touch other people and objects out of metal.
  6. Device Darsonval for the person worked out in every area of the skin. Scars, scars or wrinkles require long exposure. Action is guided along the massage lines.
  7. Make the necessary break between sessions, lasting at least 24 hours.

An integrated approach

For an effective rejuvenating action of one device is not enough. Correct nutrition and skin care. For example, in the morning, do exercises for rejuvenation and in the evening, and hardware effects.

Don't forget about the creams. Correct lifting cream will speed up the return of youth and beauty. The area around the eyes requires special attention. Note that the dermis in the areas thinner and more tender.

Homemade beauty products based on herbs delicately nourishes cells with natural minerals.