RF-face lift cost, where to do?

RF-lifting is a method for comprehensive rejuvenation and thermolift based on the effects of high frequency electromagnetic radiation on the skin. The procedure is performed in a special apparatus, which controls the degree of radiation at different sites, measured by heating the different layers of the skin.

The result is sent to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, improves the saturation of skin cells with oxygen and increases lymph flow, which eliminates the toxins and wastes. The effect of the procedure — improving the color and skin, increasing tone and elasticity of the skin, disappearance of the effect "blurry" face.


The types of RF-lifting

  • Bipolar is the most soft and gentle method of correction of age changes. Heated leather fabric only to 45 degrees, there is no magnetic field (as with monopolar). Pain during the procedure do not exist.
  • Unipolar — this is RF-lifting once. Not only has a rejuvenating effect, but also copes with fatty deposits and cellulite on the thighs and stomach, harmless to the body.
  • Tripolar is an innovative type of procedure, involving the participation of several electrodes in the process that ensures the constant switching of the poles. During this procedure, RF energy affects different depths of the skin. This technique combines all advantages of the previous one.

Depending on the tasks and applications of RF-lifting, the specialist picks up any type of procedure.


  • Absence of allergic reactions.
  • Thanks to the exposure apparatus of the RF-lifting directly to problem areas, aktiviziruyutsya energy, causing no side effects.
  • The result of the procedure is immediately noticeable.
  • Absolutely possible skin burns, because the reaction takes place only between the epidermis and dermis, and muscle tissue in the process is not involved.
  • Painless method (does not require the use of anesthesia).
  • No scars, scars.
  • There is no need for special preparatory period and long-term rehabilitation.
  • Operates in any area (face, stomach, neck, thighs, arms).
  • No risk of infection.
  • Perfect combination with other anti-aging cosmetic procedures.
  • High accuracy allows you to direct the impact on a certain area, while adjacent areas are not affected.

Preparation for the procedure

  • need in the area of ongoing manipulations to thoroughly clean the skin;
  • not recommended before the procedure, the application of creams and cosmetics;
  • men, if RF-lifting is performed on the face before the procedure to shave;
  • you must remove jewellery and remove contact lenses.

How does the device RF-lifting?

In the lower and middle layers of the skin are collagen fibers — elastic substance, one of whose functions is to ensure the skin tone. The collagen threads can be compared to springs that are woven into the fabric of the skin. They provides firmness and elasticity of young skin. With age, collagen production decreases. Skin, without support in the form of threads, SAG, wrinkly and crinkly mesh.


Thermal lifting (RF-lifting) affects protein fibers, are exposed to high temperatures (about 60 - 65 C) are reduced and spirally twist — it provides an instant lifting effect. In addition, the stimulation of the immune system which begins to work a double. It activates the production of elastin and collagen. Skin becomes tighter, wrinkles are reduced, increasing skin tone. Thus, in contrast to giving the same result operational methods, lifting leaves no scars or stitches. The procedure is absolutely safe even for sensitive skin and has zero carcinogenic effect.

Result after the procedure thermolift

The appearance of wrinkles and gravitational ptosis – a consequence of age-related skin changes. RF-lifting (lifting) is the hardware method, which solves simultaneously the following issues:

  • Tightening of facial contours, including the elimination of "second chin" and facilitates the elimination of ptosis (drooping skin);
  • The elimination of "bags" under the eyes and dark circles as it improves the microcirculation, brightens the skin;
  • Elimination of fat and tightening of the body: belly, thighs and buttocks;
  • Improves the condition of skin with cellulite, smoothes stretch marks (striae). In the area where the skin is particularly thin (hands, neck, decollete), strengthens and tightens the skin;
  • Lifting the eyelids and smoothing the lines;
  • Reducing the depth of wrinkles, including nasolabial, around the eyes and deep wrinkles on the forehead.

The procedure of RF-lifting

The advantage of RF-lifting from other hardware techniques is that results are seen fairly quickly, after 1-2 treatments, the full effect can be achieved when carrying out 5 sessions. After completing the course, there is a strengthening of the processes of regeneration and renewal of cells, and continues for six months. Usually the effect of the procedure lasts up to two years, but to maintain the result, it is recommended to undergo every six months for the procedure.

Before beginning the procedure cosmetologist puts on the skin a cooling gel. If the patient has an increased threshold for pain, before the procedure a local anesthetic is applied. After that, the specialist starts by using the apparatus performs processing problem areas. The procedure lasts from 15 minutes to 2 hours. It depends on the volume of the treated area. The number of sessions can increase or decrease, but the final decision is taken only by a doctor.

the result

After the procedure the client is not recommended for 1-2 weeks to visit the hot sauna, or steam bath, sunbathing on the beach or in the Solarium. Also doctors do not recommend during this period exercise or physical activity.

Possible side effects

If radio wave lifting is carried out by professional specialist for high-quality modern equipment, side effects are virtually eliminated. In rare cases there may be mild swelling and redness can occur which in two days lost.

It is recommended after the procedure to avoid:

  • Hiking in the sauna, steam room;
  • physical activity;
  • UV rays.

The lifting and RF-lifting — what's the difference?

The lifting is also called thermal. It was also based on radio wave radiation. Many people think that radiowave facelift, and Thermage is the same, but there are a few differences:

  • different temperature effects: when thermas, the skin was heated to 60° C, and when radio wave lifting - up to 40° C;
  • in contrast, RF-lifting, while thermas structure of collagen molecules is completely changed;
  • the frequency and strength of current: method thermolift involves working monopolar energy with a high frequency, while it is at radio wave lifting is much weaker.

Apparatus for thermolift must be equipped with special coolers, which prevents burns to the epidermis.

How many procedures?

To obtain sustainable results, it is recommended that, dependent on the condition of the skin to conduct RF - lifting 6-8 times (time interval for 10-12 days). After the first procedure noticeable first visible changes. After 21 days, will start full-fledged rejuvenation process starts when the active production of collagen. To maintain the effect, after the whole course of treatments, you need to visit the office of a cosmetologist, one to two times per year.