Apparatus for laser facial rejuvenation

The principle of operation of devices of laser resurfacing is in the impact on the deeper layers of the dermis without damaging the upper layers of the epidermis. The laser activates the cells, and they begin to produce its own collagen and elastin.

The advantages of using machines for laser facial rejuvenation


Recovery after laser exposure occurs naturally by stimulating the body's own resources. The laser activates the cells, which, in turn, actively develop these essential skin substances such as collagen and elastin. With age our skin loses the ability to heal itself, that's why it is so important to help her begin the recovery process anew.

With regular use of the expressed cosmetic effect is achieved already after a few treatments. Deep wrinkles are filled with your own molecules of youth, avoiding costly and traumatic surgeries, there is a natural lift.

  • This is a simple and highly effective way to regain youth and beauty;
  • Guaranteed positive cosmetic result after a few sessions of use;
  • Each treatment lasts no more than 15 minutes and eliminates the recovery period;
  • The possibility of using modern devices at home.

The results of the use of laser for rejuvenation at home

Today laser massager can use every woman at home. Expensive salon treatment has been adapted for home use. Modern portable devices for the procedure of lifting allow you to get the same result as in the salon.

You can perform this effective and safe procedure courses independently, without fear of hurting yourself. Additionally, the devices for the laser treatment you can use and other methods that restore the oval of the face, return the skin tone. It can be massage or microcurrent.

Clinical trials have shown that at home laser face lift produces results in just 2 weeks. Smoothed fine mesh of wrinkles, the filling of facial depressions on your face. Visibly improves the complexion, acquired a bright and youthful appearance. The unit contributes to this, including the expense of getting rid of age spots. Thanks to the active regeneration occurs tissue tightening, which significantly improves the oval of the face returns to its former elasticity.


Laser face lift at home is a guaranteed way to improve skin condition without surgery and additional salon procedures. Daily application ensures a stable result.

Indications and contraindications to the use of laser devices for facial rejuvenation

This procedure is ideal for women who care about their appearance, but for some reason can not visit the beauty salon. If You are focused on results and looking for an effective way to restore youth, instruments, affecting the laser is what You need.

However, there are contraindications. Before you purchase the device and start the procedure must be familiar with them.


  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • broken skin, burns, trauma, previously performed chemical peels, psoriasis, etc.
  • heart disease;
  • cancer;
  • the presence of cosmetic threads in the skin in the treated area;
  • epilepsy;
  • taking certain medicines;
  • the tendency to form keloid scars and rosacea.

The first use of any laser device must begin with a sample on an inconspicuous area of the skin with minimal impact.