Skin care facial: cleansing, whitening, moisturizing, to improve skin condition

Not only as you say when you want to enhance the beauty of skin. It is called silky, shining, gentle... But to boast of such a skin may not all: it is impacted and the environmental situation, and the nature of power, and the choice of caregivers. We will talk about what is proper care of the skin and what features it has.

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How to develop an individual care program for face

We all dream about how to care for the skin was the most effective. So take into account all its individual characteristics. Just cosmetology there are four skin types — normal, oily, dry and combination. To determine what type of your skin, we list their main features:

  • Oily skin. The main feature — the increased separation of fat and Shine. The skin looks bad, then expanded. Oily skin prone to comedones and acne. But fine facial wrinkles appear on it relatively late.
  • Dry skin is the opposite of fat. The separation of the fat reduced, skin is not shiny and has a matte finish may peel off. Dry skin is more thin and delicate, but and wrinkles appear on it faster, sometimes even up to 30 years. The pores on the skin of this type is virtually invisible.
  • Normal skin — Golden mean, which is relatively rare. The separation of the fat in the case of normal skin medium skin can Shine, but only in the T-zone, pores are usually small and also extended only in the Central part of the face. Usually the skin of this type is resistant to external and internal factors, its status is "smooth" in the course of the year.
  • Combination skin combines the features listed above three types. Owners of combination skin can be dilated pores in the T-zone, the increased separation of fat in certain areas of the face, occasionally there are comedones and acne. Usually combination skin not prone to early aging.

All these features need to be considered when choosing the means to care for the skin. After all, if you use the creams and lotions that are "not satisfied" your skin type, you can get the opposite effect: not only no effect, but may worsen the appearance. For example, if the owners of dry skin will use exfoliating scrubs with rough particles that could easily hurt her. But the owners of oily skin, using special tools, it is necessary to strike a balance, otherwise you can dry the surface layers of the skin, with this global problem will remain unresolved.

Thus, the main principle of a proper skin care at home — choose it according to type. If you have normal skin type, then you can make a program of self care, focusing on common recommendations. The owners of dry, oily and especially combination skin we advise to contact the experts — cosmeticians or dermatologists. So it is possible to choose those skin care products that will solve problems, not exacerbate them.

It is crucial!
Everyone knows that it is not recommended to choose skin care products if your skin belongs to normal type. But how to explain this? It's in the root cause. Dry skin can be the consequence of reducing the activity of sebaceous glands, and may be the result of violation of the integrity of the epidermal barrier. So, dry skin is often solve the problem of its moisture in the home, having to use a thick nourishing cream. If dry skin is not associated with sebaceous glands, and condition of the epidermis, such a choice can aggravate the situation: a rich cream forms on the skin surface film, disturbing cutaneous respiration and normal metabolism

In any case — you choose the funds on their own or resort to the professional assistance program of skin care face will include three stages: cleansing, toning and nutrition. However, the list of caregivers and recommended procedures will be different in each case.

Care for normal skin

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May seem very simple, but it has its own peculiarities. In particular, the cleanser should be used that do not contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory components. Scrubs should not be used more than once a week. Means on the basis of alcohol which dry the skin, it is better not to choose, and instead to use cosmetics with herbal ingredients: extracts of chamomile, aloe, calendula, tea tree. It smoothes the skin texture and improve its appearance.

Day creams for normal skin should include sunscreen to prevent overdrying. For moisturizing the skin at home it is better to use special tools, that is, those that do not form on the film surface. This is not usually the creams and gels include proteins, polysaccharides, and other substances.

Rules for the care of oily skin

Oily skin requires special care, which does not cause increased activity of sebaceous glands and thus drains the superficial layer of the epidermis. It is also necessary to remember that oily skin lower concentration of linoleic acid. This leads to the fact that the worse the epidermal barrier protects the skin from various pathogens irritation and inflammation. That is why oily skin often suffer from redness.

The main directions for the care of oily skin:

  • quality cleaning;
  • bactericidal treatment of the skin;
  • the decrease in the activity of the sebaceous glands;
  • hydration;
  • the elimination of areas of increased density (which accumulates sebum and defects occur).

For washing it is recommended to choose funds with a neutral (7) or acidic pH (4,5–5,2): shift of acidity in the opposite direction increases the risk of bacterial growth. It is better to take so-called soap without soap, that is not containing alkali. These are products that contain ammonium lactate. Lactate of zinc will help to adjust the separation of the fat, "dry" the skin gently and delicately. After washing 2-3 times a week can additionally clean the skin with a scrub. It will help to remove skin cells that not shed by themselves. You can use exfoliating creams or gels with synthetic particles in the composition.

For toning it is better to use products that do not contain alcohol. It can be tonics and lotions on plant extracts, in particular — with chamomile, calendula, aloe.

Sometimes the owners of oily skin believe that it does not need moisturizing. Of course, it is not, however, moisturizers should not have a heavy, dense texture and to make breathing and the flow of sebum. To moisturize the skin, it is better to use the cream, gel, serum or lotion. If the skin is prone to inflammation, nutritional remedies should include anti-inflammatory components, for example, bisabolol. But we must remember that the gels are not recommended for use in the cold winter, they are only suitable for night care.

Care for dry skin

Dry skin can be congenital, genetic, but sometimes occurs throughout life. In particular, the level of production of sebum associated with hormonal — as you get closer to menopause, the dryness of the skin increases. It can also be the result of improper care, such as frequent peels.

The care of dry skin must be very sensitive. When cleansing, it is not recommended to use a cleanser that gives a rich foam: they "wash off" the lipids from the skin. It is desirable that the cleanser contain oils or other fatty components. It is not necessary to wash with hot water: it should be a comfortable temperature.

tools to care of person

For dry skin it is recommended to use products that contain ceramides, cholesterol and free fatty acids. These substances contribute to the normalization of external skin barrier. If the skin is cracked, use tools that create a thin film that holds the water. This property is possessed paraffin and glycerine, which can serve as a means of rapid assistance during their use of the water balance of the skin is quickly restored. Caring of the masks recommended for those who have gel or creamy texture. Masks containing clay are especially popular today, it is necessary to keep on the face until dry, because after the skin gets too dry. Clay masks can close the top with foil.

Often if you have dry skin there is a seal, hyperkeratosis. In this case, taking care to use to care emulsions or creams with acids — salicylic, citric, glycolic, malic.

Additionally, it is recommended to monitor the level of moisture in the air (preferably using household humidifiers) and diet. The dry skin has a positive effect consumption of fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids. They contribute to the production of lipids, improving the state of the epidermal barrier.

Proper care of the skin of the combined type

Particular care for combination skin explains the nuances of its structure. Increased activity of the sebaceous glands in the T-zone requires special attention. When cleansing combination skin peels are recommended twice a week. This will make the cleansing more effective and will accelerate the absorption of the active components of creams. However, if the T-zone there is inflammation, the peeling should not do.

The second is the phase of power to different sites should use different tools. For example, in the region of increased activity of the sebaceous glands is necessary to apply matting and drying creams. But creams with a strong moisturizing action is recommended for the cheeks and forehead.

Anti-aging care

With age, the body as a whole and, accordingly, the layers of the epidermis in particular is a series of changes, slowed metabolism, tissue regeneration, reduced water content, which leads eventually to loss of tone. Changes in hormonal balance also affects the condition of the skin: less moisture is delayed, the easier small wrinkles are formed. That is why the program anti-aging skin care should be comprehensive, ideally anti-age-therapy for the entire body. And directly to person shown:

  • biorevitalization — injection of hyaluronic acid;
  • ozone therapy — the impact of ozone on the skin;
  • photorejuvenation — laser irradiation;
  • face massage;
  • the use of retinoic acid, a synthetic analogue of vitamin A, responsible for the renewal of skin cells.

These activities are aimed at improving tone, replenishment of water, protection from free radicals — molecules that can damage proteins and activate the aging process of cells. However, the procedure anti-aging care contains so many nuances that is a topic for another great article.

Care for problem skin

And of course, it is impossible not to touch on the theme of care for problem skin. After all, an irritant, a rash, increased pigmentation, at least from time to time facing each of us. What to do in this case?

  • Redness and rosacea (reddening of the skin — temporary or permanent — and the presence of skin with dilated vessels). In case of these problems it is necessary to pay attention to the very gentle cleansing, use a tool without the abrasive (hard) particles and alcohol, cosmetics for care can be applied with special devices, for example, cosmetic mittens. It is also necessary to use protective equipment to avoid corrosive effects on the skin, eliminating visits to the baths, saunas, hot tubs. You can conduct courses of phototherapy (light treatment), mesotherapy (subcutaneous injection of drugs), in severe redness to use products with azelaic acid, metronidazole, to do ice massage.
  • Seborrhea is a violation of the sebaceous glands. Is manifested by increased formation of fat, peeling skin, thickening of the upper layer of the epidermis. To cleanse the skin with seborrhea, you can use a lotion based on vegetable components, of alcohol-containing remedies is not recommended (only locally). To improve the condition of the skin you can do the sulfur or mineral baths.
  • Acne and acne. Focus on options for care with mild disease (with severe problems may need integrated treatment, including use of antibiotics). Special attention for acne should be paid to cleansing of the skin: each treatment should last for two to three minutes, and problem areas should dedicate more time. For toning you should choose tools that do not contain alcohol, you can take lotions and tonics on the basis of chamomile, sage, funds with a low content of fruit acids. Once a week can do the exfoliation and mask based on clay, which will tighten the pores. Experts recommend every couple of weeks to do the mechanical cleaning, including using ultrasound.
  • Hyperpigmentation — skin pigmentation disorders are caused by different reasons, including age-related changes. Options to deal with this problem there are several: from the use of bleaches to professional treatments such as laser peels. To whiten the skin, you can do peels with phytic, mandelic acids. Patients with age-related hyperpigmentation hardware shown peeling or laser treatment.
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For solving skin problems should be applied in complex therapy. In some cases, as we have already mentioned, antibiotic treatment may require antifungal drugs. It is known that many skin problems are associated with abnormalities of the gastrointestinal tract