Face care after 30 years: cabin, home, traditional recipes of beauty

Thirties many women experience hard enough. Despite his youth, which seems to be ongoing, has already felt the first signs of wilting. Someone's skin keeps a "stiff upper lip" to the last, keeping the freshness and elasticity. However, the majority of the fair sex begins to suffer from age-related changes and inferiority complex. So it was not so disastrous, you need the proper face care after 30, which is able to provide every young lady who care about their appearance. This should be approached very seriously, to then in 40 years do not look 50.

face care after 30

Changes in the skin after 30 years

You need to understand that age-related changes in skin after 30 years, appear all different. Despite this, they are inevitable. Someone will encounter them in 32 and some only 40 years. One way or another, but their appearance can be delayed if you make proper and regular face care after 30 years, which can include both interior methods and procedures, and the use of different remedies at home. But the enemy must know in person, so all the changes that occur at this age, skin needs to be known to you.

  • The synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers in the cells gradually slows down, and yet they form the connective tissue, are responsible for its recovery, maintain turgor (elasticity) of the skin.
  • The water balance starts to be violated: the precious liquid in large quantities is evaporated from the cells. Starts slow but correct dehydration and dryness of the epidermis.
  • The regeneration of damaged cells slow down. The result is the skin loses its tone, becomes dull and looks like stretched.
  • Losing clarity, blurring the contour of the face.
  • It was after 30 years there are facial wrinkles in the area of nasolabial folds, corners of the mouth and eyes.
  • Increasingly, in the morning, a 30-year-old woman forced to watch in the mirror puffiness, bags, dark circles under the eyes.
  • Complexion deteriorates, becoming ashy-gray, dull, uneven. Especially clearly this is manifested, if a woman smokes or abuses alcohol.
  • Form stable pigment spots and freckles.

All of these age-related changes spoil the mood and make you think about your age and appearance. To provide competent, timely care for skin after 30 becomes a prioritybefore it is too late. Regular daily moisturizing won't be enough. Have to use means and to arrange procedures that will maintain youth and delay the aging process. All this cannot be called a rejuvenation: it's just too early to tell at this age. It is much more correct to call such care is the preservation and extension of youth.

Useful advice

If looking in the mirror in 30 years, you don't see any age-related changes described above to relax still not worth it. Cosmetologists say that in such cases, aging comes suddenly and unexpectedly. So still take care to care for your skin after 30 years, even if you have it in perfect condition. Remember, it's not forever.

Face care after 30 years in the salon

30 is the age when you do not feel ashamed to seek professional help in the beauty salon. If you care about extending and preserving the youth and freshness of your skin, visit a beautician. After the appropriate inspection, he will advise the complex of procedures aimed at improving the condition of the epidermis. Regular salon Facials makes any woman of this age is much younger than his years. What recommendations you can give?

facial treatments
  1. Cleaning your face after 30 years ensures the freshness of the skin, contributes to the positive perception of its other rejuvenating procedures. In the salon we can offer manual or the hardware clean. If there are financial constraints, it is better to give preference to the ultrasonic hardware: it provides the skin with gentle care, causes a minimum of side effects, has toned effect. The recovery period after it is only 1-2 days. Beautician he will prescribe a course of treatments. This is usually 1-2 times per month.
  2. Face peeling after 30 years is a must: it frees the epidermis from surface dirt, sebaceous plugs, the top of "tired" layer of dead cells. Skin care field peeling easier breathing better perceive masks, creams and other care products. At this age, the salon can offer a chemical peel. It is traumatic, but perfectly smoothes first wrinkles.
  3. Mesotherapy of the face involves the introduction of active substances through a needle under the skin. In 30 years kolyat solutions with vitamins and antioxidant compounds in small amounts to maintain youthful skin and to strengthen the oval of the face.
  4. Biorevitalization of the face like the inherently mesotherapy, but completely different in content. Most women after 30 years in certain areas of the face injected a solution of the famous hyaluronic acid: this can be the nasolabial folds, the area around the lips, eye corners, chin, etc., Hyaluronic acid organically into the structure of the skin, it fills the voids, wrinkles, maintains elasticity and retains moisture — provides the necessary care.
  5. Individual cosmetics has a very high efficiency. It is aimed at specific problems which you want to get rid of. Experienced beautician will select the exclusive and may even create for you a natural lotion, cream, serum, mask, which can be used to preserve youthful person at home.

Salon care for skin after 30 years is highly effective. The professionalism of the beauticians and modern innovative technologies in this area allow you to hide the first age-related changes of the skin. It gives a woman confidence, relieves unnecessary complexes, and promotes an objective assessment of their appearance. However, not all rush to the beauty salon to find in the mirror pesky wrinkles. Someone has no extra money for the procedure, someone who values every moment of his time, but some just got used to trust only myself. What to do in such cases?


Even if you have no time or money for a professional facial after you turned 30 years, use all their reserves of strength and Finance, to at least once, but to visit a beautician. He will outline the main problems of your skin and suggest the direction in which you are then able to move independently.

Home face care after 30 years

Care for skin after 30 years in the home involves two ways. First, the active use of shop funds: creams, tonics, lotions, scrubs, etc. second, the preparation of such funds with his own hands from the products that are available in your kitchen, purse or medicine Cabinet. If you choose the right skin cosmetics especially for this age and to master the art of homemade beauty recipes, age-related changes in the near future are unlikely to bother you.

beautiful skin
  1. Facial massage — based home care for skin after 30 years. It provides an active blood flow to the superficial layers of the epidermis, ensuring adequate nutrition of the cells. He enriches them with oxygen and nutrients, causing cells to recover faster and updated. If desired, this effect can be enhanced contrast massage using ice cubes, which is recommended to wipe skin. It tightens, refreshes, improves complexion, enhances the protective properties of the epidermis.
  2. Soft exfoliation, done correctly in the home, safer than the salon. It does not injure the skin, it is recommended to do after 30 years, twice a week. You can use special store-bought scrubs or crushed corn flakes, crystallized honey, coffee grounds, kernels, etc.
  3. Homemade masks after 30 years, is able to do miracles within anti-aging care. First, they are natural, and therefore, it is completely safe and effective. Second, save Finance. Thirdly, their great variety allows you to select the funds suitable for your skin type and your problem.

In home care for skin after 30 years, is also neat and very competent use of decorative cosmetics. She must be of good quality, i.e. it is not worth saving at this age. And don't forget to remove it at night, otherwise pores and sebaceous plugs can not be avoided. And it will speed up the aging process several times. Of all the home treatments and remedies you should pay special attention to the scrubs and mask.

This is serious!

I think that homemade mask is ineffective, but take a lot of effort, time and products? Worth a try at least once to pamper your delicate skin homemade mask or scrub about the problems your age of 30 you probably won't remember. Because now you will use them constantly.

Homemade masks and scrubs after 30

The main function of the home masks and scrubs, designed to care for skin after 30 years — the freshness, hydration, toning and rejuvenation. About the effect of lifting at that age to think it is still too early, except that very light and not pronounced. Not to get lost in the variety of recipes can benefit from our.

  • Rejuvenating mask

Cut several meaty leaves from the lower part aloe. Two weeks to sustain them in the refrigerator, wrapped in cheesecloth. After that clean them from the skins, to extract the pulp. Mix it (1 tablespoon) with warm olive oil (same amount). This mask perfectly moisturizes the skin after 30 years, promotes cell regeneration. Time of action — 15 to 30 minutes.

  • Nourishing mask

To turn the pulp of the banana into a puree, mix it (1 tablespoon) crushed cereal (same amount), add egg yolk, warm honey (1 teaspoon). To the desired consistency diluted with warm olive oil. This mask improves the complexion, removes signs of fatigue, makes facial wrinkles less visible. Duration — half an hour.

  • Firming mask

In equal amounts mix pharmacy glycerin, honey and oatmeal. With this mask you can quickly and easily give your facial contours a desired shape. Duration — 20 minutes.

  • Coffee scrub with sour cream

Used coffee grounds mixed with sour cream in equal proportions. Apply to skin and massage for 5-7 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

face masks

A regular home face care after 30 is available to every woman, which thinks not only about your current skin condition, but also about what awaits her in 10 years. To prevent a total age-related changes in the form of ptosis and wrinkles, you should regularly and properly care for the person. The minimum set of natural remedies along with a daily 10-minute treatments will provide your skin youth and beauty for years to come. Need only time to think about it, 30 years is the most suitable time for this.