Skin care after cleaning face: masks recipes, tips and rules

The procedure for cleaning the face used for a long time. It is not necessary to think that it is designed solely to combat adolescent acne. Skin problems can happen at any a period of adjustment of the organism, especially related to hormonal surges or diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. At risk – pregnant women, ladies approaching menopause. Cleaning your face can be assigned to them after examination by a doctor.

skin care after cleaning

It is not enough just one or two times to visit a beautician, to forget about the problem. For the face after cleansing your face requires special care – particularly with regard to mechanical treatments.

View how to care for yourself after visiting a beauty salon.

What is a cleaning

To know how to properly care after cleansing your face, you need to imagine the essence of the procedure.

It is divided into 2 types:

  • Mechanical.
  • Conducted using ULTRASOUND.

Mechanical can be an independent procedure, but may be preceded by ultrasonic. Thus beautician to cope with severe lesions on the skin.

During mechanical cleaning the first cleaning processing and disinfecting agents, then the beautician razmarivaet the skin for best results. If the skin is very sensitive, rosacea is present, decoupling is not used – instead it is exposed to cold.

Then the doctor, using special tools (it can be spoon UNO or needle Vidal), removes all visible spots, and then treats the skin moisturizing and other means. One of the frequently used procedures in skin care after cleansing your face – using a special apparatus. The electrical impulses accelerate lymph flow and blood flow, resulting in the epidermis recovers quickly.

The procedure of ultrasonic cleaning of the face is carried out using ultrasound and reminiscent of the classic peeling at the effect produced. Before use, it is applied to the gel, and then beautician can apply a special soothing mask.

Face care after mechanical cleaning of the face

Skin care after mechanical cleaning is required. The reason is simple: after a mechanical cleaning of the face the upper layer of the skin is a bit inflamed, consequently, open access infections. The risk of infection in the cabin is minimal if the specialist is using disposable or carefully crafted tools. To be sure of this, sign up for the procedure only in a salon with a good reputation and many positive reviews.

Care after cleansing your face in the salon when the client returns home boils down to some simple rules, the main of which – a thorough hygiene.

The first time after you've been at the beautician, you may experience redness and swelling. For the first two days is normal. In this period it is necessary to wash with plain water, wipe the face with infusion of chamomile or any other herb with anti-inflammatory effect.

One of the consequences of the procedure – enhancing sebum. Don't be afraid: the reason lies in the fact that the beautician removed the tube, preventing the free outflow of the sebaceous glands. Therefore, in the first days sometimes clients notice an increased oiliness of the skin. Excess discharge should be removed by wiping the eyes with a decoction of herbs pad.

In the process of skin care to use tonic without alcohol.

the cleaning procedure

If on the second or third day you notice peeling, no need to worry: it will soon pass. Clean the face and more no action is applied.

Sometimes there are sudden eruptions of new pimples after cleansing. In this case, the care of the face after cleansing at the beautician includes wiping from time to time gel problem areas. The skin is self-cleaning, so you need to wait a bit. Soon the process of sebaceous excretions should return to normal.

The first day or two do not want to use cosmetics. Even just to paint eyelashes do not need any irritation to you now to anything.

What else is unacceptable? The list is not so large:

  • Do not visit sauna and bath.
  • Do not go to the Solarium.
  • Do not tan in the sun.

Competent facial includes the use of sunscreens. If the street the sun is better to take a cream with a factor of 30. If the rain – suit and 10.

Care after ultrasonic cleaning of the face

In the case when applied only ultrasonic treatment, face care after ultrasonic cleaning will be much easier. A beautician can suggest enjoying a few days of cream. Be sure to use high-quality sunscreens in the sun.

Care after cleansing the face in this case will consist in the cancellation of sessions in the pool, in the Solarium, a visit to the beach.

General guidelines

To care for the face after cleansing, you can use homemade masks. In the first few days it is better not to do it, but later you can – so the restoration of the epidermis will be faster.

What kind of mask is allowed? Primarily those which reduce inflammation and swelling. These include the mask:

  • Clay.
  • Of raw potato.
  • Oats.
  • Honey.

Homemade mask is prepared and applied immediately, not stored. Especially effective are those preparations which involve cosmetic clay, and not so important, what kind of clay you will get: blue, green, black or pink. For oily skin are often advised to use blue and black and white, but all subtypes equally well able to deal with rashes, acne, irritation. So it is rather a matter of taste.

In some cases, the healing process of the epidermis may be delayed? First, it is contagious and fungal infections of the skin, as well as exacerbation of herpes virus during the cleaning. Secondly, it is a disregard for the rules of skin care. The penetration of pathogenic microorganisms in wounds can cause the amplification of inflammation. In this case, it is recommended to apply powder "Baneuoqin". They sprinkle the problem areas daily until the swelling and pain.

The procedure for cleaning the face rarely causes complications. If it is done correctly, if the beautician – a specialist high-class, and the client strictly comply with all recommendations given to him, then after a few days the result will not keep itself waiting. The skin becomes taut, smooth, smooth. Enlarged pores will draw on my face will not be visible comedones and congestion.

To achieve a perfect result, you may need not one, but 2-3 treatments. If the problem returns again and again, if the effect is short-lived, it is necessary to pass the examination. Perhaps, numerous eruptions on the skin – the result of a hidden leak any disease. In this case, visits to the beautician is not enough: be patient and treat the underlying disease.

This does not apply to pregnant women: they have rashes often go away completely after delivery. Therefore, it may be, avoid cleaning the face, although contraindications to it. After the birth the hormonal balance is restored, and the face will be clean.

skin care

Cleaning is an effective procedure with no serious problems with internal organs and systems. And to quickly come back to normal, follow the advice of a beautician for Facials. Soon you will notice a beneficial result.