Comprehensive care for skin at home: basic procedure for each day

Each of the fair half of mankind dream to have her face looked fresh and shining and remained so for as long as possible. But, unfortunately, nature is arranged so that with age, the skin loses its appeal, loses elasticity and elasticity, wrinkled, becomes flabby and dull. And it's not only in the natural processes of aging, which are known to be inevitable, but that face is the most unprotected and vulnerable part of the human body. It always remains open, and therefore constantly exposed to various negative factors. On the face of the impact of changes in temperature and adverse atmospheric phenomena, and chemical substances contained in cosmetics. In addition, the condition of the skin reflects the internal problems of an organism (shortage of vitamins, disease of various organs and systems). That is why the skin requires complex care.

face care at home

Oddly enough, but not every lady knows how to properly care for the person. For many skincare limited daily washing and applying the cream, however, to maintain her youth and beauty this list of procedures is not enough. So, what is holistic skin care, what are the stages it involves and how to implement it at home?

Comprehensive care: identifying skin type

To learn how to properly care for the skin and to correctly choose the cosmetics, you must know its type and its inherent characteristics. For this you can either consult a beautician or to try to determine the identity of their dermis to a particular type of their own, focusing on the following characteristics:

  • Dry skin is quite thin, sweet, usually has a matte surface and small pores. In his youth, such a dermis looks very attractive and practically does not cause problems of its owner. But after 30 years often seen bad traits, there are pockets of irritation and flaking. The dry skin type is very sensitive to external influences and prone to premature aging, so caring for it the main thing — regularly to provide protection from negative factors and adequate hydration.
  • Oily skin — tight, porous. Quickly loses freshness after washing the face, often inflamed, and sometimes scaly. It is characterized by excessive activity of sebaceous glands, which to some extent is regulated by sex hormones (the higher their level, the more secret produce cancer). With age, the level of hormones in the body decreases, and therefore the separation of fats are usually normalized. In contrast to the dry, such a dermis a long time, not age, maintaining smoothness and elasticity to 35-40 years. Oily skin type requires regular cleansing and hydration, because when there is insufficient amount of moisture in the cells of the glands of external secretion begin to work harder, and metabolic processes, on the contrary, slow down. As a result, the dermis loses the ability to function normally and interact with the environment.
  • Normal skin — smooth, clean, matte, and contains enough fat and moisture, has high sensitivity and is not prone to irritation, flaking and inflammation. This type of dermis does not deliver its owner a serious problem, but it is the same as the other types, need good care, which should include a regular cleansing, nutrition and hydration.
  • Combined (mixed) skin has a heterogeneous structure and colour combines 2 types of the dermis: dry (or normal) in the cheeks and around the eyes and oily in the T-zone. On fatty areas it has a tendency to the formation of comedones and acne, and dry skin, flaking and premature formation of wrinkles. Care dermis mixed type requires a lot of effort. Here it is necessary to properly delineate problem areas and to select for each of the cosmetics in accordance with the existing problems. In addition to systematic home care, combo facial skin needs regular salon cosmetic procedures.
  • Sensitive skin contains little pigment, weakly expressed in the stratum corneum, its glands secrete an insufficient amount of fat. This dermis is characterized by an excessive response to the impact of any unfavorable factors, prone to irritation, redness and flaking. Skin care with increased sensitivity, should be as delicate and careful.
cleansing of the face

If you have any difficulty determining your skin type, try a simple test. Clean your face with cleanser with a neutral pH (you can use regular baby soap). Approx 2 hours attach to the skin (T-zone) for thin paper napkin and a few seconds later evaluate the results. If on paper there were traces of grease, then your dermis refers to oily or combined type (in the second case, you may be concerned not only with the greasy Shine on my forehead, cheeks and wings of nose and a feeling of tightness in other parts of the face). If the cloth is clean — are you the owner of dry skin, and the presence of a faint trail of evidence of belonging to your dermis to normal type.

The main stages of comprehensive care for the skin

Skin care of any type must include several stages.


During the day on the skin are deposited particles of dust and dirt, accumulate toxic substances from the environment and secret, secreted by the sebaceous glands. Here you can add makeup (powder, concealer), which clogs the pores and interferes with the normal breathing of cells. In order to remove it all requires the use of special funds, selected in accordance with the type of the dermis. So, for dry and normal skin suitable for skin that does not contain lye (it would disturb the acidic environment of the epidermis), or baby soap. Fatty dermis, it is recommended to clean with the help of cosmetics, which includes components that reduce the production of sebum. If there are signs of ageing, preferably after washing, to carry out contrast rinse the face, alternating hot and cold water. This will improve the tone of the skin and the small capillaries and smooth fine lines.

No less important to preserve the beauty of the skin is deep cleansing, involving the exfoliation (exfoliation) of dead skin cells of the epithelium and removal of the sebaceous plugs. Thanks to the deep cleaning improves the skin blood circulation, accelerate metabolism and normal cellular respiration. Exfoliation at home is with scrubs. Owners of dry and sensitive dermis to carry out such procedures should be not more than 1 time per week normal 1-2 times, and those whose skin tends to be greasy, to do exfoliation 2-3 times in a seven day period. Scrub before you need to steam your face and gently blot it with a towel. The tool should be applied in a circular motion, and after 5-7 minutes rinse with warm water. Scrubs for different skin types you can if you want to cook yourself, using as the basis of any cosmetic oils (preheated in a water bath), honey, or cream, as abrasives, salt, sugar, ground coffee beans, crushed kernels or shells of nuts. In the presence of extensive foci of inflammation and spider veins peeling is contraindicated.


face masks

For the normal functioning of the skin and preserve its youth must provide her with regular meals. Since the bulk of nutrients supplied to the body with food, you first need to adjust your diet so that it contains sufficient amount of essential minerals and vitamins. In the off-season, it is recommended to implement prevention methods of vitamin pills and eat as much fresh greens, vegetables and fruits. Regarding outdoor power supply of the dermis, here come to the aid of special creams, serums and face masks, which should be applied on a thoroughly cleansed skin with light movements. The excess of cosmetics after 5-10 minutes should be removed with a cloth to avoid clogging of pores and prevent comedones (blackheads). To care for problem skin, prone to inflammation and irritation, you need to use products that contain components that have antiseptic properties.

In addition to the serums and creams are recommended regular basis (approximately twice a week) to make nourishing facial masks. They can be purchased in the store or make your own. In the second case, you need to use the product with nourishing properties, the cream, sour cream, egg yolks, honey, vegetable oil, fruit. The mask should be selected depending on the type of skin and desired effect. If you have oily skin, add in the cosmetic mixtures of dried ingredients (lemon and berry juices, Apple cider vinegar, blue, or green clay). Dairy products in this case must have a minimum percentage of fat. The owners of the dermis dry and normal types you should use moisturizing ingredients (fat sour cream, cream, cucumber juice, sweet fruits). Any mask should be applied on clean skin for 20-40 minutes and then rinse with warm water. After the procedure, wipe the face with ice and use the cream intended for daily use.


At the age of 25-30 years, many women first wrinkles appear, age spots and other signs of skin aging. To slow down the aging process and eliminate existing cosmetic defects, it is necessary to regularly conduct anti-aging treatments. This can be a special gymnastics for the face, a dot, or a classic Japanese massage. Additionally, you should use special cosmetics containing hyaluronic acid, collagen, antioxidants and other ingredients that help to maintain the elasticity and suppleness of the skin. Anti-aging agents should be selected in accordance with their age.

General recommendations for the care of skin at home

To care for your skin at home is easy and to some extent, even pleasant, but in order that all your efforts were not in vain, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • Try not to wash with ordinary tap water, and filtered, mineral or defended. Tap water contains many impurities that severely dry the skin, break the sebaceous glands and contribute to the reduction of local immunity.
  • Wiping his face with a towel, do not RUB the skin, not to injure her and not to cause irritation. Use a soft towel made from natural fabrics and don't forget to wash them daily or replaced.
  • Before you buy something care products for the face, carefully examine the information specified on the label, wherein the cosmetic composition and its purpose. Pick up creams, lotions, masks and other cosmetic products in accordance with your skin type and age.
  • Use the creams for night and day care at the time. The fact that each of these tools performs specific functions, for example, daytime makeup is designed to protect the skin during activity, and night — for the active power of the dermis in the rest period.
  • Don't forget to pay special attention to the care and delicate skin around the eyes. For these zones you need to buy a special product (cream, gel, serum), which has a tonic and cooling effect, moisturizes the skin and eliminates dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.
  • After a night's sleep do exercises for the face. Thanks to it you will be able to maintain a normal skin tone, to deal with shallow wrinkles. After gymnastics it is recommended to wipe a skin an ice cube to consolidate the effect.
  • Be sure to wash off makeup before bed because its particles can clog the pores and interfere with normal breathing of cells. Make-up remover to perform better with the help of special milk or tonic.
  • Do not use the same line of caregivers all year round — for every season it is necessary to apply different cosmetics. In the cold season you should buy fat creams with firm texture and warm light, with the ability to quickly absorb into the skin. During periods of high solar activity it is necessary before going out to put on the face of cosmetics containing UV filters that protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation and help prevent the appearance of age spots.
  • Make your skin remained young, fresh and beautiful, follow the diet and stick to a healthy lifestyle — get rid of bad habits, spend more time in the fresh air; spend at least 8 hours night sleep, exercise.
beautiful skin

If you comply with all of the above recommendations and to properly implement comprehensive care for the skin, it will be healthy, smooth and velvety, regardless of its type and age. If there are any cosmetic issues immediately try to treat the skin, preferably with the help of a specialist who can determine the causes of the deterioration of the epidermis and to recommend optimal ways of their elimination.