Korean care system for oily skin step by step – 10 step system

A multistage and complex Korean system skin care face is popular all over the world. In Europe and CIS countries to buy Asian cosmetics is not difficult.

Korean facial care

"There is no need to care for the face, if the skin problems do not exist". This position is shared by many girls. However, to preserve the health of dermis and as late as possible to see the first wrinkles to start taking care of it as soon as possible.

Koreans scrupulously caring for a person starting at an early age, while some Russian women think about quitting in only 30 years. Care of face in Korea is a cult consisting of several stages. How does the 10 step Korean face care? We will help you figure it out!

Korean face care – pros and cons

Many women get rid of the problem once discovered Korean skin care face. Reduction of wrinkles, getting rid of pimples and oily sheen, moisture and radiance – not only the ability of Asian cosmetics.

Koreans put care gradually. Following such approach, you will extend your youth and slow the aging process.

However, despite all the advantages, Korean care has some disadvantages:

  • Duration. Some girls dread the application of such a large number of cosmetic products. It will take time;
  • Cost. Women in Korea spend a lot of money for the purchase of care products for skin. Not every European has the opportunity to buy so much makeup. Some use only a moisturizer, but here will have to fork out, because the Korean care includes a minimum of 5 degrees;
  • The possibility of adverse reactions. Any cosmetics can aggravate skin problems and even cause allergic reactions. Among the Korean cosmetics there are products that contain acids. Diagram of acid treatment of the face, in spite of all its advantages, is not for every girl
IMPORTANT: to avoid unnecessary spending, before buying one or another cosmetic product, purchase it in miniature version and check if it fits your skin.
Korean face care make-up remover

Korean night care gradually

Using the techniques of the Korean system of facial treatment, you will improve the condition of their skin. Not only is it important to apply all phases of care, but also to use the right technique of application. For example, Asian women in the care of the person, use the rule of 3 seconds is applied tonics for 3 seconds after washing.

The Korean system of caring for the skin is significantly different from European beauty treatments for the face and includes several steps. Let's talk about each of them in detail.

Make – up remover makeup removal and pre cleansing

Makeup removal and pre cleansing – the initial stages of the Korean skin care.

Koreans perform a make-up remover with a hydrophilic oil. It is a light cleanser that is converted upon contact with water in milk. The oil is suitable for any skin type, great removes waterproof makeup, softens hard water.

Owners of oily and problem skin do not be afraid of this tool. It is well removes excess fat, cleans pores, while will not injure the skin.

NOTE: Many of the care and decorative cosmetic products contain in their composition of fat-soluble components (BB cream, primer, Foundation, etc.) that are washed only with a hydrophilic oil. However, to remove makeup from sensitive eyes this tool is not desirable. In this case, it is better to use micellar water.


To remove residual hydrophilic oil and cleansing the pores of the Asian women use foam. Remember that this tool is not used to remove makeup.

Korean foam is better to whip before applying on the face. For this purpose you can use auxiliary means on Korean skin care products (fishnet whipping cream, sponge Gonyak) or foam with your hands.

Gonyak sponge is a natural antibacterial cleanser that consists of the root of a plant gonyak. The sponge should be changed monthly, and before each use – rinse and dry.

Korean face care cleansing


Facials on Korean stages implies cleansing from dead particles using peels, scrubs, exfoliants. Especially popular among Koreans peels-Skadi. Thanks to the mild cleansing they are well suited for those with sensitive and problem skin.

scrubbing is performed 1-2 times a week depending on skin type.

Toning on the Korean system

To fill the water-salt balance Korean facial care involves the use of toner. The tool is used within 3 seconds after face wash foam, because after this time the humidity is significantly reduced.

Korean women apply the toner with your hands, pouring it into pre-washed hands, then rubbing them and patting motions to distribute in the face. After washing promakivayut the skin with a disposable paper towel.

Application of serum or essence

Serum is the best product for anti-aging care. It will suit any skin type and moisturize the deepest layers. Korean serum are not only used for food and prevent wrinkles, they can get rid of enlarged pores, acne, rosacea and other problems. For applying just 1-2 drops of the product.

Lotion or emulsion

For extra hydration after serum Korean system of facial treatment involves the use of a lotion or emulsion. To apply these tools is Pat, pre-heating in the palms.

IMPORTANT: Before you pick up care then visit a beautician. It will help you to determine the type. Improper cosmetics can aggravate the skin problems!

Application of the cream

Night cream is more nutritious and dense in texture than a day. To moisten the face need quite a bit of product – a pea size.

Don't forget to apply the cream on the neck area and décolleté.

To care for themselves Koreans is another important step of skin care is moisturizing of the skin around the eyes. For this purpose, specialized eye cream, applied 2 times a day. The dermis in this area is very delicate and most susceptible to the occurrence of age-related changes.

Night mask

Finally, the last step is applying a nourishing night mask. If you care for the skin on the Korean system in order to prevent saturation use this product instead of a night cream with no more than 2 times a week.

Decem-scaena system care on behalf of the Korean girls is mainly used only at night. Morning ritual a little shorter.

Morning departure for the Korean system step by step

Every Asian woman knows that hydration is necessary and dry skin, and oily. Overactive sebaceous glands indicates a lack of moisture.

In the morning Korean face care carried out in sequence.

Cleansing of the face

Korean face care scrub

Korean rules of caring for your face read: need to clean skin in the morning. Because of the night it accumulated dirt and fat. In the morning washing you can do without hydrophilic oil. Enough the use of cleansing foam.

FEATURES: Koreans use a system of washing under the name 424: hydrophilic cleansing oil for 4 minutes, 2 minutes, use foam, contrasting (warm and cold water) wash for 4 minutes.


Refresh the skin and restore moisture balance helps toning. When caring for oily skin can use a toner with green tea extract and AHA-acids. These products will remove unwanted Shine and reduce pores. Toners hydrate the skin and prepare it for application of other layers.

What distinguishes toner from the tonic? These products are designed for completely different purposes. The toner is designed to prepare the skin for subsequent hydration, the tonic is needed to remove excess impurities.

Nutrition and hydration

In the morning before using a day cream with Asians apply the emulsion (serum, essence).

Korean care for problem skin at this stage involves the use of light textures with matte and anti-inflammatory action.

Applying sunscreen

In Korea a cult of the white and porcelain skin. No self-respecting Korean won't go outside without applying sunscreen for protection from the sun. Ever since childhood, Asian women know that the sun's rays cause photoaging of the skin.

The application of the CC and BB cream

Additional recommendations for skin care according to the Korean system

In addition to these care Korean women indulge your skin with different masks (cloth, alginate, etc.), use the patches under the eyes, enzymatic powders, sprays for face, stripes of black dots and so on.

Korean cosmetics provide high quality care for the person. However one care is not enough. Skin condition is a reflection of the health of the body. Proper nutrition, drinking enough water, absence of harmful habits, stress and nedosyps will help to preserve her youth and beauty.

To determine Korean facial cleanser, learn composition!

For someone Korean care system can seem difficult. Over time, however, such care does not seem to be routine and will definitely bear fruit.