How to care for oily skin

Oily skin will always stand out for their oily Shine, enlarged pores, acne, comedones and in other problems. Causes include: improper care, poor-quality cosmetics, inactive lifestyle, habits, genes, stress and so on. To avoid such unpleasant moments, you need regular intensive care.

care for oily skin

If you do not care for oily skin, then sebum (a liquid fat) to increase the Shine will be even more noticeable. The pores begin to get clogged not only by dirt and dust, but fat deposits, necrotic cells. There will be more acne, comedones can cause inflammation, irritation. All this will lead to serious problems and diseases of the skin.

The same effect happens if you choose the wrong care. At least, they should be specifically for oily skin. Ideally, you should choose the means, which include useful and necessary components. Wrong means will produce the opposite result, which will only worsen the condition of the epidermis and will add new challenges. Therefore, this paper focuses on the selection of the correct means to care for oily type of skin.

Common myths about oily skin

Very often women are faced with commonly accepted notions about this type of skin. Many, unfortunately, are incorrect, and introduce the owners of oily epidermis misleading. From this, the wrong selection of cosmetics, care. Effect in the best case is never seen. In the worst – of the disease and deterioration of the skin. You need to deal with the most common myths that hinder girls to properly care for themselves.

Myth # 1.

The surface of the skin rough. In the greater part of it consists of dead cells. For getting the cream on the desired layers of the epidermis, dead must be thoroughly removed.

Quite a common myth, which hurts a lot. In fact, skin is a living organism that consists of cells. Yes, there are dead elements, but they are few, because the cells are updated. Full update period is twenty-eight days. On the surface there is a layer that must be removed. Yes, after cleansing, tone lines, and skin becomes clearer. But you don't need to do it too roughly, especially if the skin is prone to fat.

Keratocytes (dead cells) is still part of a living organism. They themselves die and are removed from the surface of the epidermis, thus supporting the stable operation of all systems. If the expression (death) to be too intense with daily scrubs and peels, then starts the opposite effect. The skin begins to produce more sebum, which serves as a protection and lubricant. Starts hyperkeratosis – when the surface of the epidermis is compacted, it becomes a lot rougher and thicker.

Myth # 2.

care of oily skin cleansing

The scrub have to be hard. RUB face need up.

Due to the fact that oily skin increased oiliness, many women believe that for cleaning you need to apply a hard and tough components – abrasives. Or in stores where the recommended body scrub based on crushed walnut shell.

To use this scrub is dangerous and strictly prohibited. Solid particles removed sebum, but also create small scratches that are not visible until a certain time. Because of the harsh treatment aktiviziruyutsya the sebaceous glands and the wound begins to numb sebum. Will therefore inflammation of the wound. In addition, the abrasives are quite small and sharp. They can easily hide in the pores and damage them, initiating an inflammatory process or worse, a form of acne.

To use the scrubs with hard abrasives can be once in a month. This is not to RUB them. If we struck, made easy short massage, and everything. If you urgently need to even out skin tone – once a month scrub can do. But for daily use you need to use only a mild detergent.

Myth # 3.

The skin needs to be dried.

This is one of the most dangerous incorrect allegations. That leather coated with liquid fat, does not mean that she has a lot of moisture. The humidity and fat content are different concepts. Oily epidermis is constantly seeking a balance between moisture and sebum. If you use remittit means the effect will not be comforting. These medicines pull the remaining moisture from the epidermal cells, but the sebum does not affect.

On the contrary, if the moisture is not enough, it activates the sebaceous glands. They begin to intensively produce sebum, which will replenish lost moisture. But it not strongly rescues, and then in cells lacking moisture and fat face became even more. The skin lose their tone, begin to appear, lines and wrinkles, dehydration starts. And there is no oil blotting sheets will not help.

The first thing to do in this case is to stop dry skin. You must stop using alkaline Soaps and lotions alcohol-based. It is most dry skin and help to produce sebum. For daily washing, you should purchase Sebo regulans foam. It does not affect the amount of moisture in the cells, but calms sebaceous glands and removes excess Shine. After washing you can use a tonic that moisturize and soothe the epidermis.

Apply lotions alcohol-based need, but in some cases. For drying the pimple or acne, these drugs cause pinpoint to problem areas. Thus, it is possible to prevent drying of the skin. Wipe this means all the person is strictly prohibited!

Myth # 4.

The daily remittit fat will disappear.

To get rid of the selection of fat is impossible. Scientific studies have not yet been able to confirm the fact about getting rid of the sebum forever. The type of the epidermis can influence poor diet. Those who call this cause oozing liquid fat – wrong.

Type skin created by nature, it's a genetic condition. It is impossible, for example, to change the height or eye color. Also the type of the skin.

Myth # 5.

care for oily facial skin rejuvenation

Moisturizing is not necessary, as the liquid fat has a moisturizing effect.

The moisture conditions and the allocation of fat are two different things. Liquid fat to be on the surface of the face, and the moisture inside the cells. Under the influence of external environmental factors (abrupt change in temperature, cold, heat, strong wind, stress) moisture begins to evaporate. The level of oiliness on the epidermis is unchanged. Same thing will happen if the daily wash to cleanse your face, but do not moisturize tonic, cream or lotion. The moisture balance in the cells is disturbed.

To prevent such a situation, you need to use moisturizers. You also need to consider particular age categories. In a moisturizing cream for young skin must be hyaluronic acid, for women 40 years – jojoba oil, collagen.

The cream should be light, non-greasy and desirable gel texture. The composition should be free of oils that can clog pores and create inflammation.

Home care

For oily type of face requires careful and intensive care. To avoid any problems, you need to choose extremely useful cosmetics .which will not harm, but on the contrary, help to cope with the unpleasant effects of this type of epidermis. It is very difficult to find something similar on the shelves the usual cosmetic store.

It is better to use skin care products or other pharmaceuticals. Useful are those which are composed of the following components.

  1. Vitamin A. It may be the retinol. It is an active component that copes well with acne, acne, acne. Sold a lot of funds with retinol in the Department of cosmeceuticals (medical cosmetics). Use the drug only need a period of time. Not tons of sense to use, as the component is addictive.
  2. Alpha-hydroacids (ANA). It may be the fruit acids (mandelic, malic, citric and glycolic, etc.). They are used in creams, masks, scrubs and pharmaceutical care products for oily and problem skin. Cleanse pores, remove excess oil, regulate the process of separation of liquid fat.
  3. Trace elements. It's zinc, sulfur, copper oxides. They do an excellent job with skin rash, comedones. Have anti-inflammatory effect. Disinfect and normalize the condition of the skin.
  4. Betta-hydroacids (VNA). This salicylic and hyaluronic acid. They can often be found in gels for washing, tonics, lotions, purchase masks and creams. Tightens pores, cleanses the face, removes excess sebum, dries out pimples.
  5. Essential oil. Natural ingredients that soften and moisturize the epidermis. Effect of eucalyptus essential oil and tea tree scientifically proved. They soothe and relieve inflammation.
care for oily skin hydration
In addition to these components, it is desirable that the tool was and additional ingredients that also help to cope with troubles associated with oily skin. It's chamomile, celandine, St. John's wort, gingko biloba, marigold, stinging nettle and others. They increase the immunity of the skin, nourish it, improve the condition of the cells, improve the surface condition of the epidermis.


Cleansing is the main step in caring for oily type of face. There is a daily and regular cleansing. The first is washing with warm water with cleansing gels, mousses and other things. The procedure is performed in the morning and evening to tone up and tone, cleansing of makeup residue and normalization of the sebaceous glands.

Regular cleansing masks, scrubs, peeling, mechanical cleaning, darsonvalization. Should be pursued, but not as often as washing. They act on the skin stronger. Removes excess sebum, heal acne lesions, comedones, rejuvenate cells, purified and narrow pores, creates refreshing and moisturized. Each procedure is done at different times, but regular comprehensive performance – gives good results.


Hydration is no less important procedure. Many believe that oily skin is moist skin. However, it is not. All of this was described above (myth # 5). Moisturizing also needs done daily, as one day the body loses about half a liter of water. In addition to ordinary drinking water, skin the required moisturizer. These can be creams, tonics, masks, lotions.

Often hydration is done immediately after cleansing. After washing with a cleansing medium wipe face with a moisturizing lotion or moisturizer applied. Moisturizing prevents the skin from aging, rejuvenates cells and supports elasticity.


The skin needs intensive nourishment. In addition to vitamins that enter the body daily, the epidermis needs nutritious cream. Masks, lotions. You can buy them or make your own. Basic nutritional ingredients: oatmeal, honey, cinnamon, coffee, essential oils and herbal extracts.

Professional care

To care for the skin you can not just yourself. If you have the desire and money, you can turn to professionals. Beauty salons offer new technologies and drugs to help cope with problems of the skin. The wizard begins its work, with the preparation of certain procedures for treatment. They rely on one of the main problems. The direction of the treatment can be based on:

  • the alignment of the tones of the epidermis;
  • the rejuvenation of the cells;
  • correction of age-related changes;
  • whitening;
  • cleansing and narrowing the pores;
  • the restoration of the skin;
  • vallum;
  • removing the inflammatory processes.

To entrust this procedure to professionals. They, in turn, must do the following:

professional care for oily skin
  1. To offer several different treatment options that will help resolve the issue.
  2. To explain how a procedure or drug. To find out whether allergic reactions to components of the drug.
  3. Take into account the individual characteristics of the client.


Cosmetic procedure, which is based on rejuvenation of cells. With injections or special apparatus in the layers of the epidermis is administered a composition of hyaluronic acid and a medicinal-vitamin complex. He, in turn, inhibits cell aging, promotes skin regeneration, stimulates a faster metabolism.

The procedure is recommended only for women after 25-40 years. It tightens the skin and rejuvenates cells.

Professional peel

A professional peel is a deep cleansing facial, which not only constricts pores, but also removes wrinkles, relieves inflammation, rejuvenates the cells. Peels are carried out in various ways.

  1. Mechanical impact – grinding of the skin using diamond dust and special brushes.
  2. Chemical effect – the top layer of the skin washed with acids (dairy, fruit, amino acids).
  3. Physical impact – the epidermis is cleaned by means of ultrasound or laser.
The number of treatments depends on skin condition and desired result.

Salon mask

These masks are expensive, but the result is impressive to many. After application the skin becomes clean, smooth, without acne and excess fat. The composition of such a mask depends on skin types.


care for oily skin face mask

Massage is a cosmetic procedure that is very useful for any skin type. Massage struggling with oedema, the second chin, the active selection fat, fuzzy face contour and wrinkles.

For each zone of the face use a separate massage. They are divided into classic, pizzicato and plastic.


Good cosmetic procedure, which affects the pores and copious sebum by changing the high voltage and frequency current. It is slightly unpleasant, but very effective. The period of treatment: 12 treatments. Then they can be repeated after four months.