Caring for combination skin: tips beautician

Caring for combination skin is different from caring for other types, since it is necessary to choose different tools for different parts of the face. The fact that it has areas with oily skin and areas with dry or normal. For combination skin there is a special line of products, and you can use makeup for oily, dry and normal skin, but you need to understand how to do it right.

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First you need to understand what actually your skin. Consider the simplest way to find out your skin type. After washing, gel or foam does not need to apply to the skin any cream. Wait 2 hours and apply to the face cloth. If it is in the area of the forehead nose and chin remains oily traces, and the cheek spots are absent or poorly expressed, it means your skin type is mixed.

The owners of this epidermis, you must care for T-zone as oily skin type, while other sectors, like for the dry or normal. As for dry type if the stains in the cheeks on a napkin left, and as the normal type if the greasy spots were, but they are less pronounced than in the T-zone.

Still the combined type of skin can be recognized by the following features:

  • Oily skin in T-zone, chin, nose and forehead. In these areas black spots, the skin porous and shiny.
  • Dryness other zones: cheeks, temples. Here, by contrast, then, virtually no, and the skin is thin. Sometimes this part of the face can be normal, so dryness can be felt.
  • When washing the gels, mousses face sometimes smooth and pleasant, and sometimes dry and tight.
  • When applying cleansing milk or cream, T-area is oily, and the rest of the face is fresh and smooth.
  • T-shaped region in a few hours after the last care is starting to Shine and Shine.
  • When you apply toner or a micellar means this area takes on a freshness, and the cheeks and temples are dry.
  • On the T-zone often have rashes.
  • If you use fatty creams chin, nose and forehead becomes oily and the rest of the face irritated.

According to statistics, about 80% of young women have a mixed type of skin, but with age it becomes normal. But up to this point it is necessary to properly monitor her and prevent extremes. Here is important proper selection of cosmetics. If you use the cream for dry skin, the oily areas will become even more produce sebum, and create problems on the face. And if you apply the cream for oily skin, dry zones can peel and get irritated.

Combination skin type is the most common, but the carriers say that with the age of the T-shaped area to become less fat and all the skin becomes normal.

Daily care

To preserve the appearance of the skin longer young and generally look well-groomed without needing a large amount of makeup requires daily care.

The key stages of these treatments — cleansing and moisturizing. This is probably the most important components in the care of the skin. Gradually the same daily activities are divided into:

  • purification;
  • toning;
  • hydration;
  • protection.


They should be held twice a day: after waking up and before bedtime. Why do it in the morning? During the night, the body removes a portion of the toxins to the surface of the epidermis, and you must remove them. If not, then a new layer of cream and other vehicles you will drive all this dirt in the pores. In the morning is enough to wash the face with water gel or foam cleanser.


In the evening cleanse the skin, preferably in several stages. At least 2 step.

What tools are good for de-makeup:

  • Hydrophilic oil — a new tool that first made Korean brands, and now brought out their own versions of other firms. Perfectly removes impurities, but also excellent knocks them out of the pores, fights acne and blackheads, removes excess fat. Of the minuses — the high price.
  • Natural oils — an alternative to the particular oil. The most lightweight of them are almond, apricot kernel and grapeseed, jojoba.
  • Micellar environment. At first it was only micellar water, now there are different gels.

The following stage — washing:

  • soft foam;
  • gels.

When you choose you need to look for which they are intended. It is not necessary to give preference to drugs that purify the skin to the skin and feelings of tightness. For example, Korean cream, as the skin loses not only fat but also precious moisture and a high risk to overdry it.

Rinse should be cool water. If you use hot, the sebaceous glands begin to work actively, and problems in the T-zone will only get bigger.

It is recommended after washing to walk on the face with cotton or microfiber cloth. If such an attribute is light, you will see some remains of Foundation and other cosmetics. So one way to get rid of makeup really difficult.


Next, you should apply toner on the skin. It neutralizes the negative effects of hard water from the tap. You can also use lotions. The main thing that they was without alcohol.

Hydration and protection

The next step is moisturizing. You need to choose a day and night moisturizer with a light structure, and it is desirable to match it with the serum, too, at night and day. First apply the serum, then cream.

After applying the serum you need to give it to dry. This rule applies to any funds are applied to the skin. Then it goes on moisturizer. For combination skin it is best to buy two different creams: one for oily skin and another for dry, or normal (depending on dry or normal skin you have on the cheeks). The first cream to be applied on T-zone, and the second — for the rest of your face. He and the other moisturizer should have sun protection. In the winter enough of cream with SPF 10, and in the summer — not less than 20. So you both are moisturizing and protect the skin from exposure to sunlight.

Weekly care

In addition to everyday treatments 1-2 times a week is recommended to do a peeling and face mask.


Many women are under the peeling understand the application of scrubs. They have a mechanical action and damage the skin, and in the presence of acne can contribute to the care of the microorganisms in the neighboring pores. Therefore it is better to use the acid peels on fruit-based. You can buy a shop, and also to prepare home-cooked fruit and vegetables.

masks for face skin

When you apply peels should pay attention to the T-zone, cheeks and temples do not touch, or very delicate to deal with them.


The second method of caring for the skin mask. Can be used as fabric, and various thin and thick mask and film. No need to choose expensive funds here will suit and a simple mask manufacturers in the mass market. But it is better to choose an organic brand.

Most importantly, apply these tools point: a cleansing, warm and refreshing which is on the T-zone, while hydrating, nourishing rest of the face.

You can prepare a homemade mask based on white clay and various oils and decoctions of herbs.

Details of seasonal care


In summer it is recommended to use light textures to avoid heavy creams. Instead of tonal and powder should give preference to BB and CC creams. Ensure that your cream had factor sun protection at least 20.

T-zone often need to clean and Matt because in the summer it is even more glossy and shiny.


In winter, on the contrary, the skin is dried on the street and in the premises, for heating systems, the air becomes dry. It will help humidifiers and air ionizers or at least a wet towel, which should cover the battery for the night.

You also need to use nourishing and moisturizing creams and regularly apply lip balm, since lips are the most susceptible to dryness and cracking.

Care at different ages

To maintain youthfulness, firmness and freshness of the face, it is best to consult a beautician back in 20-25 years and to work together to develop a program of care. Aesthetician will determine a skin type that has problems and the necessary care activities is not only external but also internal, as the intake of dietary Supplements, nutrition correction.

In 20-25 years care consists of cleansing, toning and moisturizing, and weekly rituals.

In 26-30 years of age need to carry out peels at the beautician, and use a serum with hyaluronic acid for the prevention or removal of small facial wrinkles.

In 31-34 years need even harder to moisturize the skin and use lifting creams and masks. Good effect vacuum massage, it can be done at home by purchasing a set of jars with vacuum holders.

At 35-39 years to refresh and restore the skin can only hyaluronic acid injections. And you can buy cosmetics, where it is present, only need to pay attention to the shape of the substance, the acid cannot penetrate into the pores of the skin and remains only on the surface.

In the period 40-50 years need to visit gynecologist and endocrinologist to alleviate symptoms of menopause and more smoothly survive the termination of production of estrogen — the hormone of beauty that makes women bulk Apple. The available treatments add beauty innovation with retinoids, serums and masks.

After 50 is the face we need to continue to keep hydrating creams and serums, and to great effect to apply to the cosmetology and hardware procedures.

Useful salon treatments

Salon treatments should be performed in consultation with a beautician, dermatologist. Popular salon procedures are the following:

tips beautician
  • Massage using a special device with a light electric effect. Electrical pulses stimulate the skin and encourage blood flow, and division of new cells. The result is more fresh and elastic face. Of the minuses — can cause more abundant growth of unwanted hair.
  • Lymphatic drainage vacuum massage for a natural facelift.
  • Cryotherapy — treatment with cold. Designed to tone the skin, gives a lifting effect;
  • Hardware cleaning, lifting, peels, deeper methods than home care measures.
  • Mesotherapy — the injection of nutrient cocktails with hyaluronic acid.
  • The radiofrequency or radiowave facelift is aimed at the activation of collagen.