Care of skin after summer: rapid recovery in the salon and at home

A light Golden tan blush – colors of summer lend more charm, but a month will start very and her arrival manifest the reverse side of paint. What should be care body and face after the summer?

care of skin after summer

Masks for fall

The sun not only beauty and health. It is still dry skin and pigmentation. Autumn is reminiscent of the masks to moisturize and nourish the face. Their consistency – slurry pouring juice, easy to apply. Prior to application, the skin is definitely thoroughly clean! A few times a week with an exfoliant it is recommended to remove dead skin cells.

Dry skin

Oil mask is especially good for moisturizing. Do they need twice a week. On the face is applied a little vegetable oil. Such care body and face ideal as a preparation for the approaching cold weather. Another recipe – the mask of pureed melon and plum. It is applied in a thin layer on the skin for a quarter of an hour. After that you can wash and skin hydrated and glowing with health.

Normal skin

Homemade lotion will help keep skin in good condition. To prepare you need one hundred milliliters of distilled water (half a Cup), five grams of sorbitol and teaspoon of any flavoring. Face wipe the obtained composition.

Oily skin

To the yogurt add finely chopped parsley, a little lemon juice and starch, "by eye". Weight is applied to the skin for quarter-hour and then wash off with warm water.

Combination skin

Gentle cleansing the skin need of any type. This is a task for the mask from pears and rice. To one hundred grams of boiled unsalted rice add a medium-sized pear, grated on a fine grater. The mass is mixed, allowed to cool and applied on the face for twenty minutes.

Works well on oily skin mask with vitamin A. For her to tablespoon of sour cream add finely chopped parsley, half teaspoon of vegetable oil and ten drops of vitamin A.

Works fine grape lotion. For it press the berries, squeeze the juice and add not more than a tablespoon of honey and a pinch of salt. The solution is filtered and complement half a glass of vodka. Wipe face with a tool you need every day and store in the refrigerator up to a year.

Sensitive skin

For delicate skin prone to irritation, fit the juice of watermelon and cucumber. To the juice of watermelon, obtained from the pulp, add the cucumber and as much vodka. Face wipe = twice a day: before makeup and after removing it.

Ampoule cosmetic

The easiest way to preserve the freshness and beauty of skin – care for body and face with this makeup. The action of the serum is universal: moisturize, nourish, rejuvenate, regulate moisture balance, smooth wrinkles and improve the complexion. The glut is eliminated: each ampoule is for single use only.

Sealed package, a minimum of preservatives reduce the risk of allergies. Therefore, even sensitive skin looks beautiful after a make. The main thing – the action is long, and the effect improves with time. It is important to choose wisely drugs.

Components each vial is chosen for the solution of specific problems. Algae extract – for moisturizing, coenzyme Q10 – lipid barrier, and folic acid – UV protection. On the effects of hyaluronic acid do not need to say: this component has become essential in anti-aging cosmetics.

Application rules

First, cleanse skin as usual. Only thereafter, the ampoule is opened and the contents applied to the code face, neck and décolleté. If after applying something is left, the vial carefully cover with clean cotton wool. The tool is distributed by skin lines. Improve the exposure mask after the makeup. Next – the usual cream. Use the makeup to body care and face need course. Usually a month, a maximum of three. One ampoule twice or thrice a week.

During a session at the salon usually apply the makeup after the peel, complementing other hardware procedures.

Salon autumn

With the approach of autumn it's time to think about the procedures to restore the beauty and health of the skin. Course moisturizing masks, carried out by professionals, and mesotherapy will help to get rid of wrinkles and restore moisture balance.

With the arrival of autumn light gel night creams it is time to replace the more saturated means. For makeup, use lotion, and day cream importantly – hydration.

UV irradiation, temperature extremes and other adverse factors cause the skin to end of August in a state of fatigue. Action cream to restore youthful appearance in the shortest possible time can not. But it is the power of biorevitalisation. Autumn is the time for the popular and effective procedure the most appropriate.

For skin

Biorevitalization – a kind of mesotherapy. Subcutaneously injected hyaluronic acid to restore and refresh the dermis.

During the procedure care body and face is introduced under the skin moisturizing hyaluronic acid, whereby the regeneration of the skin. The skin shines health, signs of fatigue and puffiness no. It is recommended to spend from two to five treatments at intervals of two to three weeks.



To restore the color of your hair, repair breakage, split ends and hair loss will help a nourishing serum, mask, operating at the molecular level. For the tips – a special cut. After the hair easier to fit, is growing faster.

Quality peeling is comparable to the skin resurfacing. The most effective are considered the different types of peels, fruit and laser. The cosmetologist will help you choose the right: after all, no universal recipe.

For hands and feet

For hands and feet, beauticians recommend at autumn care, body care and face the transition to the SPA with massage options, water compresses, scrubs, oils. To help weak and brittle nails can "glass sealing", a special program.

Brittle nails get sufficient amounts of calcium and oxygen. The top plate is coated with a protective base that strengthens the nail and prevents stratification.