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  • Facial rejuvenation: the benefits of anti-aging treatments at home, home methods (masks, compresses, massage), an alternative to injections of hyaluronic acid, skin cleansing with Japanese tissue masks, necessary conditions to prevent the aging process.
    4 October 2020
  • What is laser facial skin rejuvenation and how is the cosmetic procedure performed. Advantages and disadvantages of laser rejuvenation, subsequent skin care.
    25 August 2020
  • The skin on the face reflects not only the age of the woman, but also her love and respect for myself. Therefore proper care of it simply must be the rule. The simple and effective recipes of masks for skin care facial at home.
    21 January 2019
  • The use of scrubs in the care of the person rooted in the past. Are replaced by acid, which is many times more efficient exfoliate the skin
    24 September 2018