How to care for skin after 30 years

At a young age it seems that the skin is always supple, soft and radiant. And you do not need to make any effort. But often, in order to achieve a "natural" color, modern and young (sometimes very young) ladies have to put on the skin, at least four of the tools (sounds funny): primer (base coat), Foundation, powder and concealer (concealer). To avoid this you need to provide proper care for skin after 30 years (or earlier).

What determines skin condition

skin care after 30

Start to take care of themselves preferably not 50 years, and at the onset of adolescence, not to postpone it for later. Then comes old age, with her menopause, sores, grandchildren and will not be until youth and beauty. No need to see here the call to drop everything and run to the plastic surgeon or esthetician (though sometimes it doesn't hurt). It's never too late to do.

Certainly the mother was saying about daily care and even explained what to do and how. But for some reason my mother's lecture went nowhere. And just looking at the reflection in the mirror and see the first wrinkles, remembering her lessons. The idea of this post is simple: the sooner you start care, the more time and money saved in the future.

For a start let us examine the causes of aging. It is said that to achieve victory, the enemy must know in person. For this purpose, the factors affecting the condition of the skin examine most carefully and choose the method of dealing with each. We live in the age of high technology and science moves forward by leaps and bounds, but the only way to slow the aging of skin cells has not been invented. And tool, totally stopping this process, remains the dream of all women.

Fading of the skin, especially on the face, promote the following causes:

  • genetic inheritance;
  • time;
  • natural conditions;
  • bad habits (lack of sleep, Smoking, alcohol);
  • food;
  • external effects (cuts, blows);
  • health.

Putting aside the genetic component (to change it now no one) consider the factors which people can change or minimize their negative effects, and methods of adjustment.


From the age of 30 starts the fading of the skin. This is manifested by a reduction of turgor (elasticity), sagging (loss of elasticity), the appearance of mimic and age wrinkles. These processes are due to age-related loss of hyaluronic acid.

To slow the passage of time without magic, which none of us has, of course, impossible. But by using a special anti-aging products (peptide lotions, serums with hyaluronic acid, to look dignified at any age in our hands. Not always, this requires huge amounts of money and extreme measures plastics. Times like these we will leave for later.

Natural conditions

Sun, wind, and frost can be dosed according to time or change the place of residence. Completely negate, will not work. Therefore, knowing the effects is to make adjustments:

  • the sun's rays evaporate the moisture and ruin the ultraviolet light, then use a moisturizer with SPF filter in the summer will help to avoid the consequences;
  • the wind deadens the upper layers and dries, to help exfoliation and nourishing cream;
  • frost, its effect is ambiguous, intertwined positive to negative, to neutralize negativity in winter, need nutrients (fatty) cream.

Bad habits

This factor is in the hands of every woman. To give up cigarettes, alcohol, go to bed on time able. Another thing that many don't want to, or in combating habits, laziness wins. Because options are always there, working in shifts - Napping should be a, not less than 7 hours. During this time the body has time to recover. And given that regeneration slows down after 30-35, you will need all 8.


Man is what he eats. The correct utterance, with a small correction – you need to consider and the gastrointestinal tract. The diet should be complete. Drinking large amounts of fruits and vegetables, the presence in the diet of cereals and soups, will contribute to proper metabolism, stable digestive system. It will result in improving the shape and appearance.

External influence

Regular injuries (with active wrestling, Boxing), using annoying tools to find the room with aggressive environment – the beauty just will not add. Adhesions and scars adorn only men. Therefore, these factors need to nullify.


All diseases, stress, infection, then affect the face. They are manifested in the form of a nasty rash, redness, dark circles under eyes, puffiness and unhealthy color (icteric, gray, earthy). To avoid these troubles to help the common prevention of health.

It includes annual medical examinations, vaccinations against the most common infections and the right way of life.

Stress helps sedative.

Some General tips

face masks

To summarize: to achieve the effect of rejuvenating or maintaining the youth face of one means will not be enough. You will need a set of measures and cosmetic products. They will be aimed at:

  • cleansing (including removal of dead cells), restoration of vital forces (toning);
  • hydration and nutrition.

The first stage is needed in order to remove all influence of the external environment. During the day on the skin accumulates a huge amount of dust particles, harmful impurities (from the exhausts of cars), chemicals that are contained in abundance in the air of large cities. Per night accumulates sweat and food selection (fat).

Food selection mixed with sweat, clog pores, forming inflammatory lesions, redness, black spots.

First, foam, water, wipe the face, and then (no more than 3 times a week) use an exfoliating scrub, exfoliating dead skin cells. Treated with toner and apply the appropriate (day or night) cream on the face. The area around the eyes and lips, too, applied the cream, but designed for these purposes.

The second is aimed at replenishing nutrients needed for skin regeneration. Moisturizing, lightweight cream with particles, moisture, - it is necessary during the summer periods, when high temperature increases water loss. The diet, therefore more oily cream needed in the winter when the body needs to provide heat.

After cleansing, after 30 years, added an additional step is to fill the cells of the epidermis hyaluronic acid. In addition to applying the cream can be used peptide cocktails, therapeutic serum.

In addition to daily care, every two or three days it is advisable to conduct a more in-depth care mask, means for stimulation of metabolic processes, oils, extracts.

Ideally, every women in addition to makeup in the bathroom on the shelf should be:

  • day and night cream;
  • means to care for the skin around the eyes and lips (usually from the combine);
  • foam cleanser or micellar water;
  • tool for easy peeling;
  • tonic;
  • serum with hyaluronic acid

The main rule to preserve the beauty and health skin care should be regular and daily. Allocate 15 minutes in the morning and 10 in the evening is not as hard as someone would think. And watching television every two or three days can be combined with the application of masks.

Home care

The most popular is care at home. As it does not require additional costs for the wage of a cosmetologist. In the role thereof is very patient.

There are misconceptions that only a salon, it is able to preserve youth and health of the skin. Correctly used folk remedies sometimes much more effective than factory made. Because they contain live ingredients.

Masks from fruits, vegetables and berries contain more vitamins than from the manufacturer. And therefore the effect of them will be higher. The life-giving power of honey (see further on in the video) and propolis it is also desirable to apply in raw form.

Many of the recipes of masks manufacturers taken from the database of popular recipes. No wonder major manufacturers are annually held competitions for the best recipes.

At home you can use the berries in a clean way, saving enormous amount of time. Simple tools can be powerful weapons against skin aging. Mineral water in the form of ice – tones and invigorates no worse than store-bought lotions. Egg protein its nutritional value can compete, perhaps, with the placenta. Its ability to tighten pores and smooth fine lines is scientifically proven.

In the hands of the beautician

One trip to the beautician to replace a week of care at home. Provided, however, that a specialist of high qualification and hike will not be a one-time action. Find masters of their craft quite difficult. Beauty becomes every year more.

It is therefore necessary to pay attention to the reviews that were left by visitors in the book of complaints and suggestions (if any), or find them online. You can ask around the girls who already use such services. It is also necessary to pay attention to the specialization of the wizard.

The second drawback (after searching), is the relatively high price for services. But this problem is solved easier. On the first visit the visitor always gets the advice of a beautician for the care, choice means a particular the most effective company.

At this time, allocate only cosmetic procedures (chemical peels, certain masks, beauty shots, etc.). Subsequently agree (cosmetologists are also people) just for them. The wizard will even tell you what mask and where better to do that. Other necessary steps commence.

You can also arrange an appointment to develop a program for a week, which include both home and salon care.

The subtleties of age-related care

bad habits

To avoid damaging the weakened skin to all women, crossed the 30 year milestone, you need to follow certain rules and secrets:

  1. Apply the cream should be hammered light movements, avoiding friction, which stretches and injures the skin;
  2. The procedure is performed not only face but also neck and neck, they require no less care;
  3. Consider the skin type and pick up the tools, only suitable for her, paying attention to age. After all, care for dry or combination skin 25 year old woman need not so how to care for oily skin after 30 years;
  4. Night cream is desirable to apply about an hour before bedtime;
  5. Lipid, antioxidant, hyaluronic complexes is best applied after using home cream;
  6. Before bed do not drink plenty of fluids, possible edema;
  7. Daily massage of the fingertips and the contrasting water treatments without collagen to enhance the elasticity and raise the skin tone.

Ideally, a skin care after 30 years should combine both salon treatments and home. Because without a daily moisturizing and cleansing it will be unfinished. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. Wish your skin youth, health and radiance.