Efficiency of eyelid and eyelid skin rejuvenation procedures with laser

the skin around the eyes and its rejuvenation with a laser

The skin around the eyes is almost completely devoid of subcutaneous fat, so signs of age-related changes in this area appear at a relatively young age - after 25 years.

Over time, the signs of aging of the skin of the periorbital zone progress, become more noticeable and cannot be corrected by "light" cosmetic procedures, therefore, specialists in beauty salons and aesthetic surgery clinics offer clients laser rejuvenation procedures for the eyelids and skin around the eyes, which include fractional skin resurfacing andlaser blepharoplasty.

In 75% of all cases of laser application, the beautician eliminates wrinkles, bags under the eyes, tightens the contours of the face. The procedure of laser rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes has its pros and cons, it can only be entrusted to a professional.

Features of aging and professional eyelid skin care

Aging of the skin around the eyes is caused by a number of external and internal factors, among which the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, the use of low-quality cosmetics, regular stress, lack of sleep, lack of vitamins in the body, increased dynamism of the periorbital zone of the face and disruption of the endocrine system (hormones stimulate the work of the main structuralelements of the epidermis and dermis). Due to the special anatomical structure of the skin (small thickness and lack of hypodermis) and a number of the above reasons, the first signs of aging of the skin of the eyelids, which include mimic wrinkles, elastosis, "bags" and dark circles under the eyes, appear early, so this area of the face needs a professional cosmeticcare.

Today, those rejuvenating procedures based on the use of laser radiation - fractional resurfacing and laser blepharoplasty - are especially popular among clients of beauty salons.

Fractional rejuvenation

The technique of fractional laser rejuvenation (polishing) of the skin around the eyes is indicated for people under the age of 45 years. The method is based on the treatment of the skin with intense laser radiation, which accelerates the renewal of the epidermis and heats the skin, which contributes to the activation of the processes of self-regeneration of the dermis.

laser rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes

Laser blepharoplasty

Laser blepharoplasty is a more radical method of eyelid rejuvenation, which is indicated for patients after 45-50 years of age. It is a plastic surgery, during which the doctor surgically removes excess skin around the eyes and restores an attractive appearance to the periorbital zone.

The laser is used as a knife during the operation, which makes the plastic surgery safer (compared to other types of blepharoplasty) and minimizes the risk of postoperative complications.

laser eyelid rejuvenation

Experts do not talk about which method of laser skin tightening of the eyelids can be called the best, because each technique has features and advantages, therefore, at the first signs of aging of the periorbital zone, it is necessary to contact a qualified cosmetologist who, based on a survey and an external analysis of involutional changes in the dermis, will prescribethe most suitable cosmetic procedure for the patient.