Apparatus for skin photorejuvenation at home

Photorejuvenation is a modern technique of skin rejuvenation. Its essence lies in the effects on skin cells the sun or artificial light sources, prompting the emergence of new cells and eliminating old ones.

In the home to carry out photorejuvenation has become possible only recently. For this we developed a special apparatus for home use, the best of which we will discuss in our article.

Photorejuvenation at home: advantages and disadvantages

Devices for photorejuvenation of the skin

Machines photo rejuvenation in the home is being sold in a special online stores. These devices have functions as in the salons. They are just smaller in size and power they are less and simple. Use them to rejuvenate the whole body except the areas around the eyes, ears, scalp and inguinal area.

Advantages of home treatments:

  • as the unit is at home, and rejuvenation takes place in the home, and no time is spent on the salon;
  • appliances for household use less power and there is no risk to harm the body and no side effects;
  • savings, because the cost of the course average is equal to the price of the device, and it is possible to use repeated number of times;
  • the cumulative effect at the end of the treatment, the process continues, because running natural mechanism of the skin.

Cons in home application, almost none.

Before the session of photorejuvenation at home, you should study the instructions for use of the device.

Who cannot use the device.

Photorejuvenation, like any cosmetic procedure has its contraindications, is:

  • an open wound, scratch, seam, imposed recently;
  • dark skin (4-5 photos type);
  • the aggravation of diseases such as cardiovascular, endocrine and pulmonary;
  • varicose veins and blood clotting;
  • hormonal imbalances;
  • eye diseases;
  • Oncology;
  • sunburn on the skin;
  • lowered immunity;
  • herpes (at the time of exacerbation) and diseases of the skin;
  • prostheses or metal construction in the body;
  • the use of drugs: antipsychotics and some antibiotics;
  • hypertension severe;
  • mental disorder;
  • pacemaker;
  • the state of the fever.
Who cannot use photomalaysia camera

Doctors note that to use the device for photorejuvenation, especially at home, future and nursing mothers are strictly prohibited. It is unknown how this will affect the child.

How to use the devices in the home

Before beginning photo rejuvenation at home, the device should be tested for skin sensitivity:

  • one flash in place of the desired procedure;
  • to select the power appropriate to the site;
  • a day to look at the skin if it is not red, no flakes and it does not burn, the device can be used.

If these reasons exist, you need to repeat the test. In case of recurrence of discomfort, this device is not suitable.

Photorejuvenation is usually done on clean skin, but there are cases (described in the instructions) when you want to apply a special cream. Be sure to carry out the procedure with sunglasses. In conclusion, spread the skin nourishing cream.

The course is 8-12 times for 2-3 months. Usually the effect is visible after a month, and the full 3. The next course to start, after resting for at least 3 months.

It is important not to abuse, not to cause harm to the skin. In addition, it is recommended to read the instructions to each unit.

Not — in the course of treatment and for 14 days after to prevent direct sunlight, walk in bath, a sauna and a Solarium. Also after the procedure, the first 2 days not to exercise. The best times for rejuvenation is autumn and winter.

Skin care after use of the apparatus for skin rejuvenation

After a photorejuvenation procedure, you need to apply to the skin anti-inflammatory cream. If it felt dry, then at night, you can still lubricate the skin cream for the inflammation. In addition, after the procedure, it is impossible to wet face day.

The next day it is already possible to wash the face, and again apply cream, next, apply it 3 times throughout the day. The evening allowed to take a short shower.

Next day, hold a skin care. And on day 3 in the morning and evening to use a moisturizer, you can use decorative cosmetics.

What results give homemade devices

One procedure does not work, you must pass a minimum rate of 5 times.

In addition, collagen is excreted slowly, and a regenerative process begins 30 days after the 1st session, taking into account that completed the entire course.

After the procedure will fade freckles, age spots, warts, spider veins, improve and freshen up the complexion, wrinkles will be reduced. To achieve best result and maintain it, the course must be repeated 2 times a year. In addition, each device has its own purpose and is yielding results.

Today there are a large number of devices to rejuvenate and improve the appearance of the skin. Before you begin treatment, you need to know what device solves some of the problems of the skin. And, of course, study manual for the application that the procedure was safe and useful.

Devices for facial rejuvenation at home will help you to achieve the desired objectives.

As studies have shown, such a beauty no less effective than salon.

  • Such procedures are capable of correcting not only the early signs of aging, but late.
  • Products for home use are much smaller than similar beauty appliances used in beauty.
  • Convenience in conducting the sessions.
  • Saving time and money.
  • The ability to conduct complete care anywhere.

There are several types of devices for facial rejuvenation. They differ from each other by a principle.

  1. Devices for the face with micro current.
  2. Machines laser rejuvenation.
  3. Radio frequency lifting.
  4. Skin tightening with ultrasound.
  5. Devices for vacuum massage.
  6. Devices for carrying out ionotherapy, light and ozone therapy.

Laser facial skin rejuvenation

The principle of operation of laser anti-aging products are similar with the same salon.

They emit radiation that reach even the most inaccessible layers of the skin and contribute to the appearance of elastin and collagen. They also improve blood flow.

Due to this, there is a rapid saturation of the body with oxygen and minerals. It turns out that the reconstruction of the dermis comes from within. Cells begin to work intensively, which leads to rejuvenating effect.

In laser therapy intentionally injured skin.

Between the damaged areas remain healthy cells, which are the foci of restoration. The dermis starts hard "to patch holes", quickly coming back to normal.

Devices for facial rejuvenation at home

Repeat the procedure every other day. The course usually lasts 3-4 months.

Although this procedure is easy, but still this intervention in the body oth her is to give:

  • those who suffer from skin diseases (e.g. psoriasis);
  • pregnant;
  • allergies;
  • during exacerbation of herpes;
  • after the chemical peels;
  • under any inflammation.

Before the procedure correction not be superfluous to consult a beautician or physician.

Ultrasonic facial rejuvenation

Ultrasonic phonophoresis requires a bit of time. The extra 20 minutes three times a week to find every woman. This procedure is a combination treatment with ultrasound and mesotherapy.

This peel helps to clean the upper layers of the skin from dead cells. But it does not affect the natural processes of aging that in the future, bad will not affect the condition of the skin.

The basis of this method is the ultrasonic wave with a predetermined frequency. It provides oxygen, increases blood flow and has a moisturizing effect.

The result is the birth of new cells, including collagen and elastin. The result of all these actions is that the contour of the face tightened.

Ultrasonic correction skin contraindicated:

  • Cancer patients;
  • Suffering with heart diseases;
  • Neuralgia;
  • In acute skin diseases;
  • After operations on the face.

Hardware vacuum massage for face

Electrical apparatus with multiple nozzles designed to massage different areas of the face.

The advantage of this massager is that:

  • it is possible to regulate the vacuum pressure;
  • it didn't damage the small vessels, because there is the possibility of choosing the desired safe mode;
  • there is no need to make efforts to create the necessary vacuum. You just hold it for a comfortable handle and move in the right direction.

The principle of operation is simple.

  1. The nozzle of the device, retracting the skin — creates a vacuum. He has such a strong grip that the connective tissue of the fat in this area are torn.
  2. The lymphatic system is involved in its conclusion.
  3. The device promotes the formation of the pulse wave which massages all areas of the face.

This massage can be achieved:

  • smoothness and evenness of the skin;
  • eliminate edema;
  • slimming facial contour;
  • strengthening blood flow;
  • the updates of the epidermis;
  • wrinkle smoothing.

Vacuum rejuvenation is contraindicated in:

  • skin lesions, wounds on her ulcers and scratches;
  • rosacea;
  • large moles;
  • with a large number of acne;
  • if you have sensitive skin.

Radio waves and microcurrents — correction of the skin

The principle of operation is similar to the action of microwave ovens. When heating the skin with radio waves begin to develop the fibroblasts.

It is useful that the collagen fibers are stretched, resulting in wrinkles and fade stretch marks.

The benefits of this homemade facial rejuvenation:

  • the procedures are painless;
  • last for some time (average 20 minutes);
  • the result is noticeable after the first application;

But this process has and contraindications.

It is impossible to do:

  • pregnant;
  • with such systemic diseases as scleroderma, lupus erythematosus and vasculitis;
  • suffering from endocrine disorders;
  • with advanced forms of hypertension;
  • if the implants;
  • for acute infection.