Hardware cosmetology for a face rejuvenation

With age, women are increasingly looking at yourself in the mirror and sigh: another wrinkle was added. And order catalog miracle wrinkle cream that promises a lifting effect after a maximum of two weeks. Hope they do the effect, not knowing that the science of cosmetology, to maintain the level of female attractiveness, already offers their own age hated getting rid of wrinkles without any cream.

A new word in the science of the beauty of the female body – hardware face rejuvenation. Though not as bad experience of our predecessors, who took beneficial bath with a toning effect, but the science has leaped forward since then. Now to help the woman come smart devices, able again to regain her good mood and confidence in its irresistibility.

Hardware procedure: pros and cons

Hardware cosmetology for a face rejuvenation

Hardware face rejuvenation in cosmetology is a complex of procedures with the use of special equipment for the introduction of cosmetic products for problem areas subcutaneously. Has long taken the first steps in this field, invented new devices, modern technologies. But still the face remains the most vulnerable area of our body, because the first gives the woman's age. On this basis, it is possible to note the main indications for the use of hardware procedures for facial rejuvenation:

  1. Obvious signs of skin aging
  2. Wrinkles not only in the field of eyes and lips
  3. Acne
  4. Age spots
  5. Visible loss of elasticity and firmness of the skin

Procedures safe and effective. It all depends on the skills of specialist beautician, the choice of equipment and technical equipment.

As with any manipulation, conducted by a person with special education, the procedure of hardware-based facial rejuvenation also has some contraindications. Among them:

  1. Tumor formation in the body
  2. Poor blood clotting
  3. Oncology
  4. Dermatological problems, including fungal
  5. Individual allergic to the drug components injected under the skin

Warning! Hardware procedures during pregnancy is absolutely contraindicated because of the risk of abnormalities in the fetus.

Diverse hardware cosmetology

Diverse hardware cosmetology

Technical progress provides new opportunities and options for improving the quality of the procedures aimed at restoring tired skin. Among the types of treatments you can highlight the main:

  1. Massage through the use of the apparatus. Kinds of such a massage a lot, but there are three leading – hydromassage, vibrating massage and pneumomassage.
  2. The procedure of lifting the result is firm skin, eliminate wrinkles. To achieve a lifting effect can be hardware or through surgery.
  3. Laser correction when special equipment to achieve the effect of rejuvenation and skin tightening in the cheeks.
  4. Liposuction. The removal of excess fat layers by the method of pumping. To carry out this manipulation in two ways – laser and ultrasonic.
  5. The cryo procedure. Helps the healing of the body by a space in a cryo sauna, or a cryo pool.
  6. The galvanotherapy, by which the skin of a small charge current.

With the help of instrumental cosmetology it is possible to remove growths on the body in the form of warts or birthmarks as well as get rid of surgical scars.

With the help of instrumental cosmetology it is possible to remove

Review of the methods of facial rejuvenation

Due to the variety of tools in the field of cosmetology, developed a lot of different methods of influence on the skin. Each of them is aimed at solving problems in accordance with skin type and depends on the site, I need to work on.

With the effectiveness of methods to argue hard, because every woman chooses that method of exposure, aimed at specifically getting rid of her problems. The most popular methods of facial rejuvenation are listed below:

  1. Ultrasound SMAS facelift-ulthera facelift. One of the most common procedures hardware face rejuvenation in beauty salons and cosmetology clinics. It is absolutely painless and has a very fast result.
  2. Photorejuvenation. It influences deeper layers of the skin flashes of light, as when shooting still images. The intensity and brightness of the flashes accumulate restore skin elasticity and removal of wrinkles and acne.
  3. Radiolifting. Wrinkles on the face due to exposure apparatus, which increases the temperature of the skin. Updates the substance of collagen is responsible for firming the skin.
  4. ELOS procedure. Is exposed to light and current, the intensity of which is determined at the beginning of the session. During the operation the patient feels the rhythmic tingling, but they don't cause discomfort or pain. But the result will soon be pleased.
  5. Rejuvenation by injection. The most common is the injection of hyaluronic acid. This technique for those who have not decided on surgical impact, and wants to look young and fresh.
The confrontation of the pros and cons of hardware procedures

The confrontation of the pros and cons of hardware procedures

Hardware cosmetology face rejuvenation is constantly introducing new trends and techniques in their field. Women is sufficient to follow the latest developments in this area to see a specialist to solve the problem. To understand how effective hardware facial rejuvenation, you need to consider them "light" and "dark" side more carefully. For details, consult the reviews of visitors of beauty salons and based on them the analysis of advantages and disadvantages of hardware-based facial rejuvenation.

The first and probably the biggest plus hardware face rejuvenation is the absence of surgical intervention. What if the woman does not want to risk your health and get to the same irreversible result, and just focus on a longer, but safe and effective machine procedures?

Today we will discuss in brief the characteristics of each of the above methods, the hardware of facial rejuvenation.

Altera lifting

The most common of methods and cosmetically acquitted. After all, it is the first device, the impact is not directed at the skin and the subcutaneous muscle, whose name gave the name of the procedure – SMAS. Due to this exposure apparatus and achieved a stunning and also quick effect. Using this method of rejuvenating the skin of the face raise the corners of the lips, facial contour becomes clearer, the upper eyelids are tightened, smoothed area of the eyebrows. It is because of such performance Altera lifting continues to be the most popular type of mechanical procedures.

Altera lifting


As already mentioned, this hardware method of facial rejuvenation based on the effects of light flashes on the deeper layers of skin (epidermis). The advantages of this procedure should include the short duration of the session and the absence of pain. And the result brings satisfaction. Everyone who went through the procedure of photorejuvenation note that wrinkles, fading skin pigmentation, acne, not to disturb more of the capillary veins. So the resurfacing can be safely attributed to effective hardware procedures of facial rejuvenation.

Radiolifting (Thermage)

Revitalization of collagen by raising the temperature of the skin has a good result. An advantage of Thermage is the absence of contraindications. After the procedure leaves no traces on the face, and you are completely free from the risk of allergies.


This hardware procedure was unquestionably effective in the field of facial rejuvenation, as "Wake up" the collagen by exposure to shock and light, it's not every technique under the force. The procedure will remind only a slight tingling, and the rest is pure pleasure.

Methods of administration of drugs for skin rejuvenation of the face also finds its fans among those who are afraid of surgery and don't believe in hardware cosmetology. It uses a meso – or ozone therapy. Mesotherapy under the skin are vitamins or other substances to activate intradermal processes. The use of ozone therapy eliminates the causes of aging of skin oxygen injection.

Not done in hardware rejuvenation of individuals and without the reverse side of the coin. Before proceeding with the rejuvenation, it is necessary to examine the question. Sometimes hardware procedures before experts recommend the use of manual techniques, massage or cleansing. A definite minus in the application of these techniques are the lack of impact on the muscle tissue and the lack of stimulation for production of collagen.

Youth after 50

Effects on aging skin should be more intense and long lasting. As noted by many visitors to cosmetic clinics, only the most costly techniques result in hardware facial rejuvenation in women over 50.

It is important! To effect on skin at the age of 50 years have taken a minimum of problems, you need to start and maintain skin balance no later than 30 years.

The skin with age loses elasticity, becomes dry and dull. All of these changes occur because of changes in hormonal background of female organism. To help women bring back the joy and freshness are called to the method of non-surgical hardware-based facial rejuvenation.

  1. Laser correction. Laser beams deeply affect skin cells, the skin is not damaged and the method is applied without consequences.
  2. Facial rejuvenation fractional. Scattered laser beams, penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin, stimulate skin regeneration and collagen production.
  3. The method of grinding the leather. This removes old cellular layers, does not allow the skin to breathe. Resurfacing affects the skin surface without affecting the depth.
  4. Photo rejuvenation is also used for Mature skin and gives a good result at small expenses of forces and time.
  5. Thermage promotes the production of collagen and elastin, this method has no contraindications.
  6. Women after 50 years of injection is also shown a method of facial rejuvenation. Injections of hyaluronic acid or Botox will make the face younger by a few years, besides the habitual way of life women did not change.
  7. The introduction into the skin of the filaments showed good results in getting rid of double chin and tighten the skin on the cheeks. This method of facial rejuvenation is one of the costly, but its effectiveness is noted by many.
  8. Ozone therapy is applicable to Mature aging skin. The return of the skin, oxygen stimulates cell renewal and helps to restore firmness and freshness.
  9. Circular skin tightening refers to the surgical rejuvenation of facial skin, and is indicated for patients with obvious signs of aging. The surgery is performed under General anesthesia and the result leaves the second chin, wrinkles disappear, and skin looks much more youthful.
Youth after 50

To slow down the aging process of the skin must carefully choose cosmetics for skin care, consider the natural components and to maintain regularity. But some creams and masks to maintain the skin condition is quite difficult, so you can use special devices for facial rejuvenation at home. It is sufficient to choose high-quality model equipment and learn how to use it. It is an outlet for those who can't find time to visit the salon or those who trust their hands more than others.

The procedure of hardware face rejuvenation are intended to keep youth and peace women at any age, so their relevance and demand will persist for many years. Because a woman wants to be young and beautiful always.