Laser rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes rejuvenates.

The skin around the eyes is the first surrenders of past years — so affects the fineness of her nature, increased the vulnerability. In addition, we smile, look at the sun and thereby aggravate the problem.

Wrinkles, such as web, braid eyes, and deal with it day by day harder. Surgical methods of correction of appearance for various reasons are not suitable for everyone. So it's no surprise the immense popularity of such procedures as laser skin resurfacing around the eyes.

Laser rejuvenation

Hits the target without damaging

It can be used to fight skin aging and wrinkles in this area, formed for centuries the "extra" skin. For the magic bullet effect can be thank laser beams: they hit their target without damaging tissue nearby.

Strong effect

Becomes less noticeable pigmentation, metamorphosis and wrinkles. If they are small, it may disappear completely, deeper lines. At the same time, laser rejuvenation will completely forget about the irritation and peeling.

Start rejuvenation

The use of this technology is not only the achievement of great external effect, but in the fact that the skin is a serious internal effects. Start the process of rejuvenation, increasing the elasticity.

You personally

The power of the beam, the depth of its penetration into the skin can be adjusted to select for each patient a set of parameters.

Without pain

During the treatment they feel no pain, the more that local anesthesia is used.

The eyelids will survive

The procedure safely survive even such delicate places as the eyelids.

A little rehab

This technique does not force women to carve out a lot of time not only on procedure but also on rehabilitation. Literally a day later the skin around the eyes breaks up with redness and others do not know that for the lie transformation of any cosmetic manipulations.

Start rejuvenation

After the procedure

Because no open wounds, there is no risk to infect the treated areas. Directly before the procedure and three weeks after she can not tan naturally in the Solarium. Cosmetics and care, and arts and should protect from ultraviolet radiation.


Not everyone can afford the luxury of rejuvenating the eye area laser. Will have to wait out the heat and cold, the exacerbation stage of atopic dermatitis, inflammation at the site of the future processing. Not suitable procedure for those women who have less than two weeks ago, did chemical peels, psoriasis, and epilepsy, is preparing to become a mother.