Herbs for facial rejuvenation

Medicinal herbs for skin rejuvenation of the face today is a very strong dominant position in the list of the most effective tools, able to maintain and return skin lost youth. They are used in the production of costly cosmetics, and professional beauty. The unique composition of medicinal herbs which includes vitamins, essential oils, fats and other active substances, allow to use them as a main component in anti-aging skin care face.

Herbs for facial rejuvenation

But in finished cosmetic products herbal extracts contain often in very small amount, therefore not allow women to feel fully "miracle" and the healing power of herbs. Therefore, rational and correct to use herbs to rejuvenate the home make, cooked.

Herbs for facial rejuvenation is the right choice

First and foremost, remember the goal of a comprehensive anti-aging Mature skin care – nutrition, hydration, maintenance and stimulation of all the metabolic and regenerative processes in the dermis of the skin, eliminate existing manifestations of visible aging on the face and the obstacles new.

Thus, for anti-aging care traditional healers recommends the following herbs for facial rejuvenation:

  • Sage, aloe, St. John's wort, Holy Basil, sea buckthorn, black currant leaves – these herbs have high antioxidant properties and are considered to be active stimulators of the renewal and reconstruction of the cells of Mature skin.
  • Lime, wheat, green tea, mint – data herb for rejuvenation is used in cosmetics as a moisturizing and nourishing components that improve the appearance and complexion.
  • Birch, calendula, flax, oats, Kalina – have high anti-aging properties – they are perfectly smooth existing wrinkles and prevent their occurrence, and activate the natural production by the cells of the skin collagen.
  • Mountain ash, parsley, hops, rosehips, radiogram – well-toned and aging skin, restoring its lost freshness and radiant look.

Important point! Correct herbs for facial rejuvenation should be of high quality, i.e. grown in ecologically clean areas, not near highways or worse, chemical plant.

Compresses and lotions

Herbs for facial rejuvenation – effective ways to use

Homemade cosmetics, called today more modern term "hade-made", has countless all kinds of recipes based on the use of medicinal herbs. Herb for rejuvenation are used in preparation of lotions, tonics, creams, masks, peels, scrubs, consisting of infusions and decoctions for washing.

Consider some of the most effective way to use medicinal herbs with anti-aging goal:

Compresses and lotions

For the preparation of these cosmetic products is recommended to apply aloe Vera juice (preferably bio-stimulated), extracts of birch leaves, black currant, viburnum flowers or lime.

To get the aloe juice with bio-stimulants must be cut with an adult (at least 8-10 years) of the plant aloe Vera fleshy leaves, wash them with clean water and place on the bottom shelf (or side door) of the refrigerator for 10-12 days. Then, you should chop the leaves of the plant using the grinder and squeeze the resulting pulp juice. In the process of extinction of life processes of plants under these conditions, aloe begins to naturally develop a unique bio-substances able to enhance the activity of skin cells. Therefore, the use of aloe juice prepared in this way, dozens of times will strengthen the rejuvenating effect of cosmetic products.

Cold and hot compresses

For their preparation it is recommended to use the following herbs for facial rejuvenation: nettle, mint, Linden, chamomile, hops. To prepare a cold compress should make sure to brew the dry herb with boiling water (250 ml boiling water 1 rounded tablespoon of chopped herbs or herbal mixture) and let it brew and then cool the infusion to moisten the cloth and apply it on the skin for a few minutes. Hot packs of herbs insist in the same way, just before use, the infusion heated in a water bath to a temperature of 35-37 degrees.

Herbs for rejuvenation

Face masks

The most popular homemade beauty products that use herbs for facial rejuvenation, both in pure form and in combination with other anti-aging natural products such as honey, dairy products, eggs, natural vegetable and essential oils, cosmetic clay. A great mask for Mature and wrinkled skin is one of the following ingredients: chopped black currant leaves, St. John's wort, nettle, the fruits of mountain ash (½tsp) make a small amount of boiling water (~100 ml) and wait until they swell a bit. Then decant the infusion (it can be later used as a lotion or lotion), herbal and pulp to combine with 10 ml of aloe juice, 5 ml of natural honey and 1 egg. The resulting mass apply on face, avoiding the eye area, not less than 15-20 min.

Night cream for the face

It can be prepared on the basis of butter (preferably homemade) and horsetail. For its preparation it is necessary to connect 30 g softened butter with 2 tablespoons of chopped herbs and then in the oven for 15-20 minutes. the Finished cosmetic product should be stored in the refrigerator for 5-6 days.

Herbs for rejuvenation – precautions

All herbs, without exception, considered completely safe to use. They are not addictive and almost impossible to overdose on. But, despite this, herbs for facial rejuvenation can harm your health in the form of allergic reactions that often caused by the individual intolerance substances included in the composition of different herbs. Thus, before applying herbal cosmetics, do not forget to pre-test for allergies for skin sensitivity to the ingredients care for the skin composition.