Facial rejuvenation at home: simple, effective procedures

What woman does not dream of eternal youth and beauty? Alas, in real life there are no magic apples that can help you lose a few decades. Only a thorough grooming allows you to keep what was given by nature, and it is taken away.

rejuvenation of the skin

Skin rejuvenation of the face involves a wide range of procedures, as well as a special way of life. However, if you follow the chosen path, the result will not take long, and your appearance will be the subject of admiration and imitation.

Factors affecting natural and premature aging

Official modern cosmetology and plastic surgery offer many radical ways to rejuvenate the skin. In this list, - biorevitalization, mesotherapy, "beauty shots" and so on, until the circular braces. But all these procedures have significant disadvantages, ranging from adverse side effects to high cost.

In fact, there are less costly and quite effective methods. Before you contact them, remember why our skin ages.

In cells decreases the concentration of hyaluronic acid, which binds water molecules. Thus, the increased dryness of the skin, causing deep wrinkles to appear. In addition, slow down the processes of blood circulation and metabolism, and reduced the number of fibroblasts, responsible for collagen and elastin.

Another story is connected with the onset of menopause. In a woman's body dramatically decreases the production of estrogen: hormone that affects regeneration and skin restoration. The complexion begins to fade, the first wrinkles and creases, the contour swim...

To premature aging also cite the following factors.

  • Bad habits. Alcohol, nicotine, drugs - the worst enemies of female beauty and overall health. So to give them up we must once and for all.
  • Love to tan. Frequent exposure to the sun is another powerful catalyst aging. Increased insolation promotes from withered skin, the appearance of early wrinkles and the formation of age spots.
  • Excessive love for cosmetics. The smallest particle can clog the pores and do not allow skin to breathe.
  • The deficiency of macro - and microelements and vitamins. The deficit affects not only the skin, but also hair, nails and General human immunity.
Factors affecting natural and premature aging

Effective massage techniques

Of course, man cannot be reduced to "no" natural aging factors. But take control of those that depend directly from it is absolutely real. And this does not have to live in the beauty salon: you can organize it into a cozy home setting. Let us consider the main stages of work that are designed to slow the aging process.

Thus, effective facial rejuvenation in house conditions it is impossible without the massage. Specially for this purpose developed a set of exercises, each of which performs one of the following options:

  • lymph drainage: helps to eliminate excess fluid and elimination of edema;
  • lifting: performs the function of lifting at home;
  • sculpture: restores the contour of the face, which is gradually changing due to the weakening of muscles;
  • anti-wrinkle: it allows you to minimize small wrinkles and prevent new ones. Master the art of rejuvenating massage is not difficult. For this you will need a mirror any massage oil, and 10-15 minutes of free time. There are many exercises aimed at self-rejuvenation. As an example, we give a couple of efficient algorithms.
  • In the fight against wrinkles will help light tingling. The first stage - work with the superciliary areas; then you need to stretch the skin on the bridge of the nose; on the third step go to the eye area, where usually the formation of "crow's feet". It is important not to forget about the cheeks: a light tingling will be necessary in the direction of the periphery.
Gymnastics, which

The most important stage - the study of the nasolabial area, which usually occur early and fairly deep wrinkles. And finally, the final stage is simulation of the circuit. For this you need to compress the jaws and carefully ironed them lower part of the face from the chin to the ear lobes.

  • A separate exercise to strengthen circuit is in smoothing of the skin: the middle and index fingers in the direction from the nose to the temples; further the "path" from the eyebrows to the hairline. The next step is smoothing of the skin from the chin to the ears. Finally, the area of the chin: the back of your hand should gently tap on the bottom.

Gymnastics, which "makes" the face

A rejuvenating massage for the face will be most effective, if not forget facebuilding. We are talking about gymnastics, which involves even the muscles virtually unused in regular expressions. You can start at any age. In the young it helps to strengthen muscles and to "pull" the time of visual aging to Mature to improve the skin contour and to eliminate some wrinkles.

Facebuilding consists of a large number of exercises; but it's pretty simple. Here are some of the easiest, but effective methods of facial rejuvenation at home.

  • Against nasolabial folds. The tip of the nose should be slightly preloaded with a fingertip. Begin to push a finger; a sign that everything is done correctly, the lift of the wings of the nose. The exercise should be repeated 40 times.
  • Lift oval. The mouth should be slightly open, lips dragging over the line of the teeth. With your fingers lightly press down on the corners of the mouth and make circular motion 30 times.
  • Fighting interbroken fold. The index and middle fingers to push on the inner part of the eyebrows and try to frown. In doing so, try to hold the skin with your fingers stationary. Repeatability - 5 times.

Cosmetics created with your own hands

No need to spend a lot of money on "chemical" anti-aging cosmetics. After an effective, but completely natural remedies for skin care products you can prepare at home. This will be useful as very accessible, and quite exotic products: all depends on your material well-being.

As the basis for the cream is ideal melted on a steam bath beeswax. This product has softening, nourishing and regenerating functions. In addition, the wax is an excellent thickener, which "connects" the rest of the active ingredients of the cream.

These may include the following components:

  • base oil: sunflower, olive, corn, linseed, sea-buckthorn, grape seed, etc.;
  • cocoa butter, which also requires pre-melting;
  • essential oils (they must add just a few drops).

Recipes creams to rejuvenate the skin, a huge amount. To prove how simple they are to prepare, consider the following example. This nourishing cream for Mature skin, made from natural ingredients. For it will need: beeswax (50 g), coconut oil (50 g), olive oil (50 ml). All components must be connected and put on a steam bath. When a homogeneous mass, remove from the heat and send cool, not forgetting to stir.

After some time, the tool will thicken: then it is time to add 5 drops of essential oil. To use this cream is best in the evening, applying to cleansed skin for about an hour before bedtime.

But this beauty treatment for face at home does not end there. Especially popular among women use homemade masks. They can also be done from a variety of components. But in order to rejuvenation will be useful for the above oils as well:

  • egg yolk;
  • sour cream;
  • honey;
  • yeast;
  • cereal;
  • the pulp of aloe.

These products can be mixed together to achieve the best result. And if to wash off such masks with warm decoctions of herbs (chamomile, succession, burdock, and other perennial), nourishing, moisturizing and rejuvenating effects will be amplified many times.

Of course, a quick facial at home dream is not worth it: after all, this is not a radical plastic surgery. However, each week you will notice positive changes; and the proof will be not only the mirror but the compliments of others.

Three times a day, seven days a week

Home cosmetology - regular work. As we said above, the facial rejuvenation may not occur instantaneously; all the above have a cumulative effect and require precise execution of all procedures. For the sake of example imagine a good beauty routine of a woman who wants to delay the aging process.

  • Morning. Wash with cool water and rubbing of the skin cubes "herbal" ice facial gymnastics (10 minutes), use a moisturizer.
  • Noon. Facial gymnastics (10 minutes).
  • Evening. Removing makeup, washing your face with cool water, relaxing facial massage (10 minutes), the use of tonic mask (20 minutes), washing, application of nourishing cream.

...Knowing how to rejuvenate your face at home, you can effectively and inexpensively to achieve excellent results. Remember, however, that any withdrawal will not be complete if you consume alcohol, smoke, get enough sleep and are constantly in a stressful condition. Remember that beauty and youth is possible only in the presence of habits, and nothing else!