Care for problem skin

Youth is always associated with beauty, fragrance and freshness. This applies to all aspects of life. Sometimes, however, healthy and young body throws us problems in the form of pimples, small rashes and pimples. It is apparent shortcomings that hide the natural beauty provoke psychological complexes and distort the image of a man in the eyes of others. If you look at this subject from the point of view of medicine, such symptoms meet all of the characteristics of problematic skin.

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Attitudes towards "problematic" skin may differ. For someone can be considered problematic skin with 30% of the inflammatory lesions, but for someone a few small pimples – this is a real tragedy. In this article we will give the terminology problem skin, will tell about the reasons of the problem and the practical methods of solving it. The basis of the struggle with shortcomings in the care for problem skin. Elementary and systematic disregard of these rules is often the cause of onset of acne and worsening the situation.


Basically, a skin condition more engaged with the representatives of the female sex, despite the fact that the guys quite often are the same symptoms.

In this case, young people ignore the issues of care, believing that over time the pimples themselves will come down, and like magic, one day you will Wake up beautiful. In fact, every person is facing skin problems. On TV screens we are used to seeing perfectly smooth faces and natural tones. But it is mostly the consequences of proper care. If you fulfill all requirements, then over time your skin condition can bring up to the same ideal.

Many girls admit an obvious mistake, considering problematic skin with acne, and only. The faces of this concept need to be expanded because the problem is the skin with symptoms such as:

  • the presence of pigmentation;
  • enhanced vascular mesh in the region of the nasolabial fold;
  • redness as a consequence of excessive dryness;
  • a rash of acne, subcutaneous pimples, blackheads and other flaws;
  • early first signs of aging;
  • unnatural complexion (too pink or yellow);
  • increased dryness or oiliness;
  • the presence of scars;
  • manifestation of fungal diseases.

All these indicators determine the problem associated with skin condition. The solution to this question lies in the plane of medicine and cosmetology.

Of any situation for problem skin, you can find a way, given the fact that now there are plenty of cosmetic products and devices for interference in the processes of formation of defects.

To start the installation persons need directly from the detection of the problem.


The condition of our skin, more than 40% determined by our heredity. So if your parents were pronounced skin problems in adolescence, then with high probability you will face the same problems. But this irreversible process can be adjusted. To do this you have to learn how to properly care for problem skin.

The second cause of teenage disadvantage is the inner surge of hormones. At puberty arise the destabilizing processes that cause external changes. Another difference may result in the appearance of extra spots on the face. It is quite natural. To cope with such minor flaws can be with corrective means and proper washing.

Many girls find that after teenage years the pimples do not leave the person and continue to create unnecessary discomfort. In this case, the problem is caused by improper diet, wrong choice of cosmetics, as well as the use of inappropriate care products for the skin.

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In most cases, rashes on the face – these are signs of allergies. It may be a reaction to food products, to cosmetics and medicines. Therefore, the causes of your deficiencies are on both the external and internal level.

In addition to these reasons, on the skin can affect the following factors:

  • the polluted air;
  • the presence of harmful habits (excess nicotine and alcohol);
  • extreme tastes in food (too salty, acidic, fatty or spicy food);
  • problems with individual internal organs;
  • a weak immune system;
  • medicines (hormones, antibiotics), changing the General background of the body.

Diagnosis and General rules

The first steps in the matter of the proper care for problem skin of the face are determined by visiting a dermatologist. Why to the doctor? – The fact that the adoption of right measures it is important to first diagnose and understand why your body reacts in the form of flaws on the face. The dermatologist sends his patients for a blood test and gives instructions for passing the other tests.

Study indicators allow you to identify problems with internal organs. For girls, the most common cause of imbalance is the problem in gynecology or kidneys. Testing will stand in good stead in the diagnostics of all parameters of the body. If you have kidney problems, the doctor will tell you for example, eat less fatty foods. After you follow this rule, the skin condition will improve.

In addition to the diagnosis, the doctor may also prescribe medicines (mash or mask) to eliminate the radical problems (acne, blackheads, pimples subcutaneous). If the treatment affects the internal organs, the doctor may also prescribe a course of treatment with tablets to normalize the functioning of the specific organ. After this comes the next stage of care for problem facial skin is a visiting beautician. This specialist you determine your skin type (oily, normal, combination or dry). In accordance with these indicators, the doctor will tell you how to take care of the most optimal.

The medic is not obliged to tell you the specific brand names. He only gives General characteristics and composition of cosmetic products that will suit you individually.

In addition to medication treatment, the therapist will be able to give you a course of treatment procedures that will work externally. Internal and external struggle in the complex will give faster and better result.

At home

After completing the first two steps you need to follow the rules of care for problem skin at home in order to consolidate the result of the medical procedures. This will help you a set of tools, registered beautician, and also advice from the dermatologist in the necessary diet. In the Arsenal of every girl should be a gel or foam cleanser, exfoliant (scrub or peel), toner, mask and face cream.

The sequence of actions

Care for problem skin of a teenager requires a systematic and correct sequence:

  • Step 1 – wash morning and evening with a soft tool (removes makeup, removes dead skin and dirt).
  • Step 2 – exfoliate (gives the effect of deep cleansing, removes impurities that failed to get with the foam and gel).
  • Step 3 – toning (closes small pores to ensure that they did not get any extra dirt and to make the complexion become more even).
  • Step 4 – nutrition and hydration (allows you to restore the natural strength of the skin, to enhance the recovery processes and to deal with faults at a deep level. In the morning use the moisturizing and evening meals).
  • Step 5 – additional effect (the use of face masks for various purposes as support).


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Do not think that the use of cosmetics will allow you to achieve the effect like in the picture. Problems with the skin appear as a natural reaction of your organism to certain stimuli. If you ignore problems with the skin, it will ruin your life and after 25 years. To cope with the problem will help the comprehensive approach is the work at internal and external level. The key to proper care is a doctor's recommendation based on the diagnosis of your body. The sooner you notice the problem, the less "debris" you will have to clean up later.